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“R6S” Silent C4/Grenade BUG tactics revealed, former players said that the professional game has been around for years | 4Gamers

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No game has no bugs, but the mention of Ubisoft always makes the community smile, and Rainbow 6: Seige (R6S) is a tactical shooting game, and the bugs in it are also Quite strategically significant. Recently, former overseas professional players revealed that the familiar BUG technique of “silent grenade/silent C4” has been in the arena for years.

Generally speaking, players using grenades or C4 explosives in the game will make a noticeable sound. These sound effects have a reminder function, so as to give the player a little reaction time. However, according to the G2 Esport former professional player Niclas’Pengu’ Mouritzen, the player seems to use grenade or C4 from squatting to standing, these sound effects will be removed.

This kind of BUG can be traced back to the “Health Check Operation” (Y2S2) four years ago. At that time, there was already a BUG of silent grenade. In 2018, the “Chimera Operation” (Y3S1) appeared silent C4, which just triggered The way is similar.

According to Pengu, he claimed that many professional players have used this bug in professional competitions for many years, and this bug has been widely discussed in South American professional competitions in recent years. It is hoped that Ubisoft will quickly fix this method after it is disclosed. .

Of course, this is not the only bug in “R6S”. The infamous “silent walking” bug in the player community, or the “silent window turning” that can be seen in the near future, are examples of sound effects affecting the fairness of the game.

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However, for the player community, there are many controversies about the many changes brought about by the “R6S” Y6S2 “North Border Star” season, including peeping bullet holes, it is difficult to find enemies with specific appearances, and tinnitus problems. The impact of changes in the environment seems to be more of a concern to players than whether the BUG has been corrected or not.


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