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Raffaella Carrà, illness and the mystery of health / “She didn’t want to see anyone, except family members”

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Raffaella Carrà and the disease and that family predisposition to lung cancer …

Raffaella Carrà, the queen of Italian television passed away at the age of 78 due to lung cancer. This was revealed by Dr. Giovanni Mangiaracina of the University of La Sapienza who, as a guest of Radio Cusano Campus, revealed that the presenter had fallen ill with cancer. However, Carrà did not want to share this thing with anyone, except for the family and closest friends who were close to her in the last months of her life. A gesture of enormous affection towards his beloved audience who, surprisingly, became aware of his death and then of the house.

In particular, the doctor who revealed the cause of Raffaella Carrà’s death also added: “Raffaella’s mother died at 63 of lung cancer so it is first of all a genetic question”. It is possible that among the causes of the disease there is also smoking, even if the professor of La Sapienza stressed that the cause is mainly a genetic question. Of course, however, smoking is not a good thing since the doctor pointed out: “Unfortunately, smoking took Raffaella away from us 10 years early. If there is a genetic basis it is obvious that all lifestyle patterns affect that genetic basis. A woman’s lung is smaller than a man’s. So even the negative effects have tripled ”.

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Raffaella Carrà death: “nothing has leaked about her deep suffering”

The fact is that the big one Raffaella Carrà he left us for lung cancer and in the last journey of his life on earth he preferred to keep everyone in the dark about his illness. For several months, in fact, he hadn’t been seen anywhere and he strongly wanted no one to know anything except for family members, closest friends and his great friend Sergio Japino. “He had an iron will that until the end never abandoned her, making sure that nothing of his deep suffering leaked out. The umpteenth gesture of love towards her audience and towards those who shared her affection, so that her personal ordeal would not disturb the bright memory of her “said Japino speaking of his beloved Raffaella who for the day of his funeral he required “a simple unfinished wooden coffin and an urn to contain his ashes. In the saddest hour, always unique and inimitable, like her overwhelming laugh. And that’s how we all want to remember it ”.

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