Home Health Rampelli (FdI): “Gay couples pass off children born with surrogacy as children”. The protest of the Pd

Rampelli (FdI): “Gay couples pass off children born with surrogacy as children”. The protest of the Pd

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Rampelli (FdI): “Gay couples pass off children born with surrogacy as children”.  The protest of the Pd

New thrust by FdI against the rights of gay couples. While in Parliament the party of Melons is preparing to oppose the proposals of the Democratic Party of Elly Schlein on egalitarian marriage and adoptions, the vice president of the Chamber Fabio Rampelli last night during the broadcast In Onda on La7 he attacked: “If two people of the same sex ask identificationi.e. the registration in the registry office of a child who they pass off as their own child means that this surrogacy has been done outside the national borders”.

Words used by the FdI representative to answer a question about Concita De Gregorio on the non-recognition in Italy of the children of gay couples due to the stop imposed by the government on the Municipality of Milan compared to the transcripts in the registry office and reaffirmed in recent days with the rejection in the Senate of the EU regulation proposal.

A sentence, the one about two people of the same sex who “peddle” children “as their children” which immediately aroused protests from the Democratic Party. “A bad sentence, not only towards couples who choose to welcome a child with love, but above all towards the children themselves, who cannot even defend themselves from this violence. They pass themselves off as politicians worthy of the government of the country, they are only violent reactionaries “, protests the dem Pina Picierno. “In Rampelli’s words, only malice. No respect for others, for those who think differently from him, for those who live a reality that exists, even though Rampelli may not like it. Unacceptable language towards children. This is the right that governs the country,” writes the leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate on Twitter Simona Malpezzi.

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And the secretary of the Italian Left Nicola Fratoianni comments: “I find the words used by Rampelli completely unpleasant, wrong and violent. You can have different ideas, you need to discuss such complex and delicate issues, but above all respect and care in the use of words would be needed. We are talking about being human, of minors, of loved ones, let’s avoid using tavern language and manners”.

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