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rankings approved, 100 million allocated

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rankings approved, 100 million allocated

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Press release no. 4
Release date 29 October 2022

Call for targeted research: rankings approved, 100 million allocated


The rankings have been approved for the assignment of the 100 million euros for health research made available by the Ministry of Health with the 2021 Finalized Research Call, which was published on December 27, 2021 and for which it was possible to present proposals until last April. Through this tender, the Ministry of Health has made resources available for health research projects aimed at ensuring the development and quality of the services of the health service to citizens.

In total, 948 proposals were presented by researchers working in structures of the National Health Service and certified by the respective institutional recipients. Two hundred and sixty-one projects were eligible for funding, of four types: 123 conducted by young researchers, 41 conducted by emerging researchers (Starting Grant), 95 dedicated research professors and 2 co-financed.

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