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Ranuccio’s ultimatum to the manager Zaccheria who does not want to sell the prefabricated building where he can transfer Legal medicine

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There is a confrontation between the head teacher Lina Zaccheria, on the one hand, and the Municipality of Palmi, the ASP and the Metropolitan City of Reggio, on the other, at the origin of the failure to empty the branch office of the healthcare company. You continue to pay a dense exorbitant, 16,000 euros a month, by the way of the sole surviving forensic office in the garrison that returns to the center of a new case, given the non-implementation of the memorandum of understanding that the administration and Asp had signed last October 8th.

Of the resistance of the principal, that he has not given away the keys of the structure identified for the transfer – a prefabricated building that the Province had given in concession to the Institute of higher education Einaudi Alvaro – Mayor Giuseppe Ranuccio speaks for the first time. “We do not understand the reasons why the manager refuses to hand over the keys – he argues – given that he has never used those premises».

In reality, the structure of discord is attached to a school that is actually closed, because it was declared unfit for use 2 years ago, and in it – according to what emerges from the correspondence that makes the controversy hot – some archives and tools have been set up that should be used for school laboratories. The documents that the institutions have exchanged, in the wall against the wall the Metropolitan City asks to take possession of the hangar, they are full of declarations of war, with Zaccheria informing even the prefect of the clash who is asked to “report clearly the channels of legality and opportunities in the conflict of competences”.

In the location where the closed school was moved, in fact, chaos reigns and it is evident the difficulty of optimizing the spaces after the forced cohabitation at the Agricultural Institute which already suffered from structural problems. We see folders stacked on the floor, and a janitor confirms that “we are forced to keep the documents in a room that should become the kitchen of our boarding school.” There is confirmation of what the principal claims in her letters, which the mayor denies. “There are suitable premises – he replies – to bring even the little material kept in the prefabricated building that we need to the Agraria”.

An arm wrestling that the mayor has enlivened with a ultimatum. «Tuesday 7 December – he wrote in what for now is the final note addressed to the principal – will arrive in the seat the commissioner Maisano accompanied by the brigade to have the keys to the prefabricated building in delivery ».


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