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Rare diseases, six years to have a child: the story

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Rare diseases, six years to have a child: the story

**Couple Overcomes Genetic Condition to Fulfill Dream of Parenthood**

Emmanuela Siciliano and Alessio Pittari have overcome numerous obstacles on their 6-year journey through four Italian regions in their quest to become parents. The couple, both born with a hereditary genetic disease called polycystic kidney disease, knew that they needed to undergo assisted fertilization with pre-implantation diagnosis in order to ensure that their child wouldn’t inherit the condition.

Alessio, who had known about his illness from a young age, and Emmanuela, who wrote her thesis on drugs for polycystic kidney disease, were well-informed about their options. They sought help from experts and underwent various procedures in different cities, including Brescia, Padua, and Florence.

The road to parenthood was not easy, both physically and emotionally. Emmanuela describes the process as tiring and stressful, with constant monitoring, tests, and procedures. The financial burden was also significant, with costs adding up for each step of the fertility treatment.

Despite the challenges, the couple’s perseverance paid off when they welcomed their daughter Luce in 2021 after just one attempt at assisted fertilization. Emmanuela and Alessio now hope to share their story to inspire others facing similar difficulties, particularly those with rare diseases.

They emphasize the importance of being informed and starting the journey towards parenthood early, as the process can be long and arduous. They also stress the need to be realistic about the challenges ahead and to seek support from knowledgeable professionals.

While their path to parenthood was not easy, Emmanuela and Alessio’s story serves as a beacon of hope for others in similar situations. They hope to encourage others to pursue their dreams of becoming parents while being prepared for the obstacles they may face along the way.

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