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Realme 8 5G smartphone, the proof

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After the arrival on the market of 8 Pro, Realme also brings the smaller model, the Realme 8, also available in 5G version.

With a price of 199 euro for both versions, this smartphone is the first in Europe with a MediaTek Dimensity 700 chip, the 7-nanometer 5G processor, which allows connection with the latest generation network even in dual SIM and dual standby mode. It has a display Full Hd+ Super Amoled da 6.41” a 90 Hz, a quad rear camera with 48 Mp main sensor, the specialized chip for gaming MediaTek Helio G95 with Gpu Mali G57, a 5000 mAh and 30 W Dart charging. It is available in configurations with 64 or 128 Gb of UFS 2.1 internal memory, respectively with 4 or 6 Gb of Ram.

Photo: Giacomo Barbieri / La Stampa

Photo: Giacomo Barbieri / La Stampa

How Realme 5G is made
The design is similar to that seen in other Realme models, although it lacks the written feature Dare to Leap in the rear body, a hallmark of the brand. Given the price of 199 euros, quite attractive for a 5G smartphone, it is necessary to understand what can be done with a Realme 8 and whether it is worth buying the 5G version or not. The answer to the second question is “definitely yes”: it is worth getting it in the 5G version, both because the price does not change, and because, after a quick comparison with an iPhone 12 Pro, there are no particular differences in the download speed and in upload. For 199 euros, 5G is one nice addition, even if to date the coverage of operators in Italy is not yet extended and the few optimizations negatively affect the overall autonomy.

Photo: Giacomo Barbieri / La Stampa

Photo: Giacomo Barbieri / La Stampa

With a 5000 mAh battery, Realme 8 5G manages to reach the end of a full day with 5G connection, a non-trivial goal. For comparison, an iPhone 12 Pro can have two 5G modes: Active and Auto. The first keeps the 5G connection active even when the speed is the same as the 4G connection present in the same area, while the second switches to 4G to save autonomy.

Realme 8 5G has an automatic mode which is called Smart 5G, but it is not clear with what criteria you switch from 5G to 4G: presumably, when there is excessive battery consumption, given that the function is designed to reduce consumption.

Photo: Giacomo Barbieri / La Stampa

Photo: Giacomo Barbieri / La Stampa

How the new Realme smartphone takes pictures
The photographic sector of Realme 8 5G is very good, considering the price: the focus is fast with the rear camera, but not with the front one. The colors are balanced even if a little too saturated. The white is corrected so as not to burn the scene, and the bokeh effect in portrait mode tries to bring out the subject, but doesn’t always succeed. After all, from a low-end smartphone you cannot expect an image rendering up to the top models.

The system is smooth and snappy, even when running games, and the 90Hz display makes everything seem faster. Android is at version 11, with the Realme Ui 2.0 which replaces the old Realme profile system with a new service HeyTap, and adds many new apps. Some, however, perhaps you could also do without.

Overall, Realme 8 5G is a smartphone with a familiar design, which without too many pretensions aims to democratize access to 5G and combines a number of features (large battery, high refresh rate screen and chip optimized for gaming) desired and desired by a wide audience and without too many needs.

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