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recalled by the Ministry of Health, attention

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Ice cream inevitably returns in vogue in the summer, especially in a country like ours which enjoys average temperate or even hot temperatures in almost all of the territory, the result of a Mediterranean climate.

The countless different types of ice cream have decreed its success for many years, a variety that has increased dramatically with food industrialization: although many still prefer the “artisanal” variant, most of the ice cream is produced by industries and is formally packaged. Ice cream remains one of the few widely used foods that meet everyone’s tastes, or almost, but bringing benefits to our body, as long as you don’t overdo it.

“Don’t eat these ice creams!”

The downside of industrial production is obviously brought about by some production problems that can make a specific lot non-consumable for the most varied reasons. With very tight quality controls, the risk of placing products on the market unsuitable for consumption is less but it is always present, usually the producers themselves provide a real notice that is communicated to the Ministry of Health, a government body that makes the all official.

Ethylene oxide in ice cream

One of the latest notices issued by the Ministry of Health concerns a specific unit of ice cream produced NUII DrkCho & Coffee 90 × 4 IT UMB, precisely the quantity concerned is present in batch MI0049, produced by Froneri Polska, in the Mielec plant, with production batch MI0049 **. The warnings read: (MI0049, MI0050, MI0051) – TMC 02/2022; (MI0126, MI0128, MI0152) – TMC 06/2022; (MI0153; MI0160; MI0161) – TMC 06/2022; (MI1101, MI1102, MI1103, MI1104) – TMC 04/2023; (MI9339, MI9340) – TMC 12/2021.

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The reason is the possible presence of ethylene oxide, a toxic substance used in the past in pesticides, in the carob seeds present in the flour used for the production of this particular type of ice cream. The note from the Ministry of Health clarifies that the “warning” against the consumption of products that are part of the batch in question is purely for precautionary purposes. Anyone who has purchased one or more units can bring the goods back to where everything was purchased.

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