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Record-breaking TikTok in Italy: over 10 million users also in September

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Audiweb has published the data relating to the total digital audience for the month of September. The total digital audience on the average day in September was 36.4 million unique users, corresponding to 62.3% of the population aged two and over. The monthly unique users of the “Member Communities” sub-category, which collects social media, were 38.7 million monthly users, equal to 87% of all those who used the Net in the month. Growing [+ 1.1%] compared to August, as is normal for obvious reasons.

The average time spent per person on social media in the month was 17 hours and 22 minutes. Down compared to the previous month but still with a weight of almost a third [29.6%] compared to a total of 58 hours and 41 minutes spent using the Internet in September. The monthly unique users of the “Instant Messaging” category are stable, but with an increase of 9.4% of the time spent. Adding the time spent with instant messaging apps to that dedicated to social media, these account for about half (48.9%) of the total time spent online on average per person in September. In this general picture, TikTok monthly users also in September remain above 10 million. Only compared to April, since Audiweb made the data relating to the short video social platform available, users have increased by over one million. A growth of 11.9%.

If you go even further back in time, in September 2020, according to AGCOM data, monthly users were 6.6 million. Therefore, in one year, they grew by 3.4 million, equal to + 51.5%. In short, TikTok really seems unstoppable and in fact, second the report Social Media Trends 2022, released in late October, «The continued rise of TikTok is indisputable. The platform offers such a low barrier to entry when it comes to producing creative, small-scale video content, while offering the opportunity for enormous organic reach and engagement. ” And everything suggests that in 2022 it will become the number one social network in the world.


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