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Record intervention: Matilde, just one day old and already operated on her hand

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Record intervention: Matilde, just one day old and already operated on her hand

Matilde is only one day old and she already has an incredible story to tell. A story with a happy ending, but started in the worst way: as soon as she was born, the doctors discovered an important malformation in her left hand. The teamwork between the Milan Polyclinic and the MultiMedica Group is what made her difference: they operated on her a few hours after her birth with a delicate intervention, to restore functionality to her hand. On a scientific level, very few cases of this type have been described, and almost no one had yet successfully carried out such an operation on such a small child. Matilde is already at home and is well; she still has a long way to go, but the worst is over for her.

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by Tina Simoniello

The discovery immediately after birth

The story of the little girl begins a few weeks ago in a hospital in the Milanese area. She was born to term after a perfectly normal pregnancy. As soon as she came to light, however, the doctors immediately realized that something was wrong: the left hand had an important malformation, with the third finger that had not developed as it should have, while on the fourth finger there was a swelling of 3 centimeters .

The palm of a newborn is about 4-5 centimeters across. The child was immediately transferred to the Milan Polyclinic and welcomed in the neonatal intensive care unit directed by Fabio Mosca, one of the most important in Europe for competence and experience. Here a virtuous collaboration was activated between the pediatric surgeons of the Polyclinic, led by Ernesto Levaand the hand surgeons of the San Giuseppe Hospital (MultiMedica Group) directed by Giorgio Pajardi.

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Two teams for the intervention

The two teams, with thousands of delicate interventions to their credit, immediately set to work: they studied the malformation and understood that the three phalanges of the fourth finger were actually hidden in the swelling of that small hand, which remained ‘harnessed’ during the development of the fetus. Then they took Matilda to the operating room to partially reconstruct the phalanges and to free the parts that had remained ‘trapped’.

It is not the only intervention that the little girl will have to face: in the next two years others will be made, to completely reconstruct her fingers and give them back a life as normal as possible. This first operation, however, was the most important and delicate, and until now had never been performed on a one-day-old baby. Matilde dealt with it really well, everything went well and there were no complications.

The little girl went home

“The little girl has already returned home – explained Mosca, who is the director of the Woman-Child-Newborn and Neonatal Intensive Care Department of the Milan Polyclinic – and has faced the surgery with great strength and determination. But our support continues. : we are following both her and her parents, to better control the post-operative pain and to teach them to manage the situation. There will be continuous checks for the next two years, also in collaboration with the colleagues of the San Giuseppe Hospital ” .

Premature babies, now there’s the task force

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“We are very pleased to have made available our experience and our know-how for the success of what was a completely exceptional intervention”, underlines Pajardi, professor at the University of Milan and Director of the Unit Surgery of the hand of the San Giuseppe Hospital – MultiMedica Group, which for 26 years has housed the largest structure in Europe dedicated to the hand of children with over 350 pediatric microsurgery operations to its credit each year. , fundamental in anatomical and reconstructive terms, was the first stage of a long therapeutic path that will now accompany this child in her psychophysical development. The global treatment of patients of this type, from diagnosis to the moment of birth, to surgery and subsequent rehabilitation specialist, sees a perfect integration between our skills and those of the Polyclinic “.

“Virtuous collaboration”

“The story of little Matilde – he concludes Ezio Belleri, general manager of the Policlinico di Milano – is a clear example of how a virtuous collaboration between two structures can make a difference in cases of this type. Our hospital is a real reference point for pathologies of all ages of life, but it is essential to be able to make use of the highest professional skills, such as that of Professor Pajardi, to be able to offer the best of public service. And this is only the beginning: we have already drawn up a special agreement to integrate mutual skills in the field of hand surgery, to the benefit of our patients “.

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