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Redmi Smart Band Pro, the test of the bracelet dedicated to fitness

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It is called Smart Band Pro, it is the new smart bracelet (smart band, in fact) from Xiaomi and has been put on sale in Italy from the second half of November, even if without many proclamations. Better: it is the new smart bracelet from Redmi, the brand of the Chinese technology giant dedicated to the youngest. It supports and does not replace the Mi Smart Band 6, in NFC version and not, and this is perhaps its biggest problem.

We had the chance to try the new Smart Band Pro for about ten days and the first thing that struck us is the shape of the screen: it is not a quadrant, in the sense that it is not a square, but rather a slightly larger rectangle than usual. Mind you: it’s no more bulky or heavy than necessary, it’s just that you have to get used to the shape a little. And yet, that extra space on the sides is appreciated: the display is a 1.47 ”Amoled, very bright (even too much: up to 450 nits), with 194×368 resolution, able to show all the information you need in a clear and legible way.


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How does the Smart Band Pro fare in everyday use
The watch (the band, the bracelet), which is configured very simply through the Xiaomi Wear app, is waterproof up to 50 meters deep, customizable with dozens of dials, has a battery that lasts very long (in actual use, even over 7 days) and is able to monitor sleep quality, heart rate and also the now inevitable level of blood oxygenation. Most importantly, it is able to keep track of over 110 types of training, which is definitely the detail on which Xiaomi insists the most to differentiate this product from the others it has in the catalog.

This feature puts the Smart Band Pro competing with products like the Huawei Band 6, which has a comparable price (59 euros, instead of 50): we tried it with the simpler activities, such as walking, running and cycling in the city (with this bike here) and we particularly appreciated the automatisms. In the sense that the bracelet recognizes by itself, and with good precision, what you are doing, asks for permission to activate monitoring and also to detect its position in the world and then begins to keep track of the activity that is taking place.

In general, discretion is the feature we love most about these products and that we found in the Smart Band Pro: light, not bulky, with a discreet but perceptible vibration, it does what it has to do without getting noticed. It receives notifications from the smartphone it is connected to and keeps vital signs under control. Which is what such a device should do, with no frills.

He tests

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What we liked and what we didn’t
What we liked during our test is quite understandable: the price (content of its own, net of any offers and promotions), the quality of the display, lightness, the discretion and the simplicity of use.

We enjoyed being often less wake up in the middle of the night by the bright light of the screen: even turning off the ignition with the movement of the wrist, just touch it involuntarily to cause it to reactivate at maximum brightness. Which at 3 in the morning is really unpleasant.

Finally, a reflection: as we said at the beginning, the Smart Band Pro is positioned exactly in the midst of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 (which costs 45 euros) and Mi Smart Band 6 Nfc (55 euros) and risks creating a bit of confusion in those who buy. Which one to bet on? If you love fitness a lot, the Redmi branded product is the best choice; otherwise, our preference goes to the Mi Smart Band 6 in the version with Nfc.


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