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“Reduces stroke and heart attack”, always eat some before going to bed

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“Reduces stroke and heart attack”, always eat some before going to bed

Some foods reduce the chance of stroke and heart attack by improving brain health, so be sure to include these foods in your diet.

Reduces stroke and heart attack – BedQuotidiano.it

To remove the possibility of going into stroke and heart attack it is important to take care of your eating habits. The diet must be healthy, rich in fruit and vegetables and low in fat. But also of a food that if taken in moderation brings significant benefits.

Stroke and heart attack: watch out for signs

Stroke is a transient or permanent disorder that affects the brain caused by impaired circulation in the brain.

These “blows” or attacks they can cause brain damage and they can also leave functional sequelae. Hospitalization of the patient is necessary but the return home should not be delayed.

Stroke is one of the most diseases frequent and disabling in developed countries. It usually appears in the elderly exposed to certain social, environmental, personal and work conditions.
A heart attack occurs if an artery that carries blood and oxygen to the heart stops.

The accumulations of fat they thicken over time, forming the so-called “plaque” in the arteries of the heart. When plaque ruptures, it can form a clot and block arteries. causing a heart attack.

Stroke and heart attack, man with symptoms
Stroke and heart attack, man with symptoms – BedQuotidiano.it

Nutrition and hydration are very important for maintaining a good quality of life and avoiding relapses. Needs to be balanced, with sufficient calorie and protein intake.

Chocolate to protect the heart

The virtues of the “food of the gods” have often been called into question, and obviously we do not intend to substitute this food for a cure or drugs.

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Thanks to his antioxidant qualities it can be beneficial for cardiovascular health and heart disease prevention.

The benefits are known especially if we make them a targeted and controlled useand we choose the right chocolate.

In fact, not all chocolate is able to bring these remarkable benefits, and numerous researches and analyzes have been conducted precisely to ascertain the benefits.

The results of which led to consider the dark chocolate a valid anti-inflammatory, anti-stress and anticoagulant, therefore beneficial for liver health, to counteract cholesterol and headache.

Dark chocolate and strawberries
Dark chocolate and strawberries – LettoQuotidiano.it

Of all the studies published over the years on the heart and blood vessels, it has been seen that the consumption of cocoa and dark chocolate is linked to different positive effects on blood pressureand for arterial health.

From what seems to have emerged, the benefits are due to the antioxidant action of the flavonoids contained in cocoa, the same ones present in abundance in Red fruits.

However, pay attention to the preparation of the chocolate and to the quality, two elements that have an impact on the amount of flavonoids and antioxidantsand since they are two factors that are not shown in the labels, it is necessary to “read” between the lines.

Therefore, checking the quality of the fats, we prefer the packaging that says “the cocoa butter and not vegetable fats“, As well as obviously the percentage of cocoa, In this case it is better to opt for one with a minimum percentage of 60-70%.

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