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referendum on reforms and no to Mes. Then the jab at Schlein – Il Tempo

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referendum on reforms and no to Mes.  Then the jab at Schlein – Il Tempo

From the reforms to the Pnrr, from the Mes to the Stability Pact, passing through the Tunisia and Ukraine dossiers, up to the scourge of violence against women. It is an all-out Giorgia Meloni who takes part in the ‘Forum in Masseria’ review. Interviewed by Bruno Vespa, the prime minister shares her revealing that she called Giulia Tramontano’s mother, that she was “shocked by this girl and by the story of this seven-month-old baby that she was in her womb”. The premier remarks that “two lives have been cut off” and therefore hopes “that the judiciary will give very clear signals on this”. Furthermore, still speaking of violence against women, she acknowledges that it is a “cultural issue”, therefore she would like to bring “the victims who are still there or the relatives of the victims who are no longer there to tell their story in schools”.

Melons: Mes?  Stupid ratification without the framework of the Stability Pact

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During the interview, then, Meloni assures that Italy will bring home the third tranche of the Pnrr and that “by 31 August” some objectives of the Plan will be reviewed to include the chapter of RePowerEu. No step forward, however, on the ratification of the reform of the Mes treaty, an issue that for Meloni “it would be stupid to open now”, that is, when we do not yet know “what the new rules on the Stability and Growth Pact provide, on which there are no convinced of the European Commission’s proposal”. “If Italy were to ratify the reform too – he adds -, are we aware that the Mes would not be requested by anyone? But not by Italy, because at least as long as I am in government there is no possibility, but not even by the others because the Mes is a stigma. It is a tool that risks blocking resources that could be used”. And speaking of resources, the Prime Minister reiterates that she aims to lower taxes given that in Italy “there is a problem of wages”. “I’m working to confirm the cut in the tax wedge. Make it structural? That’s our goal. Clearly this depends on the revenue that the state has”.

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Meloni: Authoritarianism?  Schlein does not distinguish dissent from censorship

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Addressing the issue of reforms, Meloni therefore reminds those who oppose differentiated autonomy that “there are no Regions that are discriminated against and others that are strengthened”. At the basis, he remarks, there is “a principle that makes governors and the political class responsible”, and “I am not surprised that those who contest it most are also those who have not been able to spend European funds”. As far as the constitutional reform is concerned, Meloni, who in recent days has given the mandate to draw up a proposal that provides for the premiership, sends a message to the opposition: “If the approach should be to say no to everything, we will ask the Italians to referendum to tell us what they think”. And to the dem secretary Elly Schlein, who believes that the government is setting up an authoritarian state, Meloni replies: “I want to reassure you: the center-right has always defended the freedom of citizens, families and businesses. The Italians will judge our measures, and also the pulpit on the theme of authoritarianism that comes from those who defend those who prevent a minister from presenting a book”. A jab that reaches as far as the Nazarene, triggering Schlein’s rejoinder: “Meloni worry about the country, before it crashes us”.

Berlusconi hospitalized again: Forza Italia summit cancelled.  Anxiety for the Cav

The end credits are for the Tunisia case, with the prime minister flying again to President Kais Saied on Sunday – this time with the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and the Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte – to seek a solution that would the IMF loan to the country. “I am working on it almost daily – he recalls -. Together with that mission, a first aid package from the Commission should also materialize which is preparatory to favoring the agreement. On which I continue to ask both the Tunisian government and the IMF for an approach pragmatic and not ideological. And it seems to me that important steps forward are being made on this”. Finally, on Ukraine Meloni confirms the support for Kiev “until the end” by a “credible and serious” Italy. Also because, is the last thrust, “a reliable nation, in which politicians do not change their minds based on whether they are in government or in opposition, which is what I am seeing from many, is a nation which she can speak up when she needs support.”

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