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Reform of the Trentino healthcare system: a model from the junta, and a new model from the Pnrr Segnana. The Consultation asks for light – breaking latest news

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TRENTO. What will the Trentino healthcare of the future be? The document drawn up by Agenas and the Ministry of Health, which redesigns the new territorial assistance in light of the funding of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) establishes a series of structures linked to the number of inhabitants they do not coincide with what was anticipated by the Province on the new health reorganization in Trentino.

The issue was addressed in one open letter from the Health Council he sent the president Maurizio Fugatti, the councilor Segnana, the group leaders in the provincial council, the ombudsman, the local autonomies and Dr. Trimarchi, coordinator of the working group appointed by the Apss.

Given the importance of the choices that will have to be taken in the coming months, the Council asks for greater involvement of all stakeholders, from health workers to social workers, from municipalities to valley communities, from social representatives to the voluntary sector, from the private sector. social to professional associations.

«A reform of this size cannot be implemented silently or on the basis of commercials and press announcements, it is necessary and urgent to open an all-out confrontation that sees everyone involved », beats the president Renzo Dori that in the open letter highlights the numerical inconsistencies between what was anticipated by the Province on the new organization and what is foreseen at the national level. «The pivot of the document drawn up by Agenas and the Ministry is the Health District. There must be one for every 100,000 inhabitants and it will be the privileged place for the management and functional and organizational coordination of the network of social, health and local health services ».

“In Trentino, doing the math, it would take 6 while in the resolution of the provincial council of last August we talk about 3.

The same goes for the other structures, the Community hub homes (one for every 40-50 thousand inhabitants) and the community houses spoke (every 20-25 thousand inhabitants for urban areas and 10-15 thousand for rural areas). Again at the national level, there is a family nurse for every 2-3 thousand inhabitants, a special continuity assistance unit for every 100 thousand inhabitants and 1 territorial operations center for every 100 thousand inhabitants, 1 community hospital with 20 beds every 50- 100,000 inhabitants, 1 palliative care unit for every 100,000 inhabitants and 1 hospice with at least 10 beds within the network.

«The Pnrr – then recalls the Council – then provides resources for telemedicine, for teleconsultation, for the computerization of data and the creation of unitary platforms. The creation of a territorial operations center is envisaged, which will carry out the task of coordinating the taking in charge of the person and connecting with the services and professionals involved in the various care settings. It will not be an easy transition and will involve not a few insights into the existing health, socio-sanitary and social services ».

For this reason the Consultation asks for involvement, asks to know and the representatives of the different realities to be able to have their say. “The Consulta does not ask for a slavish application of everything, down to the numbers. In our experience, we will have to discuss, for example, the number and function of the districts or the Usca, which must be formulated according to the real needs that come from the territories. We believe it is important to insist on the need for the model change, which requires a completely new way of setting up the service.

We are convinced that we must start from the bottom, from the Community Houses and from the territorial team. The rest will have to be redesigned on what is needed for this network to function, in ways that may also be territorially different from what is foreseen on paper and in relation to what exists and what works today, aiming at overcoming the fragmentation of performances and ‘integration with the social’.

Finally, in the letter, the Council also asks to know the activation status of the Disability Card. Announced by Minister Stefani, it will be a tool that will allow easier access to goods, places and services for the disabled.

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