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Regenerative medicine in orthopedics at the Policlinico di Palermo | BlogSicily

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  • Regenerative medicine used in orthopedics at the Policlinico di Palermo
  • In the last year and a half 520 treatments carried out
  • Doctor Nicolò Galvano explains to BlogSicilia what this innovative therapy consists of

At the Orthopedic and Trauma Clinic of the Policlinico di Palermo, from January 2020 to July 2021, 520 regenerative medicine treatments were carried out.
The data is provided by Dr. Nicolò Galvano, who is part of the team of orthopedic doctors who are making the Clinic, where robotics is also used in the operating room, a health center of excellence.

Regenerative medicine

“Regenerative medicine – explains Galvano – consists in the grafting of stem cells, adipocytes and platelets that are taken from the bone marrow, from the adipose tissue or from the blood. They are injected into a damaged joint, such as from osteoarthritis, or into injured tendons. The results are excellent, but it depends a lot on the age of the patients. It is a type of therapy that has good validity in young or relatively young subjects, and by this we mean up to 60 years of age ”.

Ultrasound-guided infiltrations

The recovery of patients undergoing regenerative therapy, which has been carried out at the Polyclinic for about 3 years, is quite fast. “It is a technique – adds Galvano – in which we certainly cannot improvise. These are ultrasound-guided infiltrations, to be done with hospitalization in day hospital, and in the operating room.
Unfortunately, there have been cases of doctors who have subjected patients to these infiltrations in the clinic.
Nothing more wrong. They must be carried out in a sterile environment and in a correct manner, according to precise guidelines and scientific canons. This is the only way to guarantee the safety of the patient and the success of the entire orthopedic procedure “.

The surgery

At the Orthopedic Clinic of the Policlinico di Palermo, therefore, but not everyone knows it, there is a Regenerative Medicine clinic. The person in charge is Dr. Andrea Parlato, assisted by Dr. Galvano in the ‘selection’ of patients to be subjected to infiltrations.
But how do you access the clinic? “The patient books a visit – explains Galvano – and is evaluated through diagnostic tests, such as magnetic resonance or CT scans. Let’s try to understand, based on his pathology, if he can benefit from regenerative medicine or not. If the patient falls within some precise ‘canons’, we proceed along the path of regenerative medicine. Otherwise the prosthesis route is recommended.
The treatment involves three infiltrations and then medical checks after three months, six months and a year to evaluate the results. Regenerative medicine is used for the treatment of the knee, hip, ‘neck’ of the foot, shoulder, elbow and ankle ”.

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