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Regions pressing to loosen the rules for asymptomatic positives. The ISS: surveillance must include everyone

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After trying, unsuccessfully, to postpone the opening of schools, now the pressure of the Regions moves to the bulletin that records the positives and to the need to review the classification parameters of hospital admissions, without considering the asymptomatic ones. Not only; the governors ask to simplify life for those who tested positive for Covid but are vaccinated and have no health problems: for the asymptomatic, isolation should be reduced to five days (now there are seven) and should be exempted from the tampon obligation to to be able to return to the community.

The ISS closes: surveillance must include all virus positives

All instances that reflect the concern on the part of the governors for the possible change of color with a transition to orange and consequent restrictions for all. At present, the ISS, the Higher Institute of Health, closes: the surveillance, we read in the faq published on the evening of Thursday 13 January on the site, “must contain the positives and not just the cases with the most indicative symptoms of Covid- 19 (respiratory symptoms, high fever, altered taste and smell) “. “Most of the infections, particularly in the vaccinated, proceed asymptomatically or with very vague symptoms – reads the clarification -. Not monitoring these cases would limit the ability to identify the variants, their characteristics and we would not be able to know the clinical status that follows the infection in the different populations “. Furthermore, “it would not make it possible to monitor the trend of the circulation of the virus over time”.

The question will be dealt with by the Cts with an opinion that should arrive on Friday 14 January.



“Do not count asymptomatic patients in hospitalizations”

Then there is the rethinking of the data on hospitalizations. The regions are pressing on the Ministry of Health so that the bulletin no longer includes patients who are in hospitals for other reasons, from trauma to interventions, in the monitoring of hospitalized for Covid contagion. At the forefront of Lombardy, the region that has the largest number of hospitalized with Covid in intensive care and in ordinary wards, has asked the Ministry of Health not to count “centaur patients”, that is hospitalized for other diseases, as hospitalizations due to coronavirus then positive results. This is to “give a more realistic and objective representation of the pressure on hospitals caused by Covid”. From Friday 14 January, the Region will again give the total number of positive patients but “will be able to distinguish within” positive Covid hospitalizations “, which directly refer to a” Covid-dependent “disease (pneumonia and severe respiratory failure)” .

D’Amato (Lazio): mini-quarantine for positive asymptomatic patients

The councilor for health of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato, spoke of the easing of the measures: «I believe that we need to simplify the procedures for completely vaccinated asymptomatic patients: in this case the quarantine ends after 5 days. If the CTS took this line consequently it would not be useful to count the asymptomatic. We need to simplify ».

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