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“Reinforce prevention measures”

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“Reinforce prevention measures”

Ulss 2 is grappling with three cases of West Nile in the province of Treviso. The first dates back to 15 July when the Health and Public Health Service of the Prevention Department received notification of a probable case of arbovirosis from West Nile in the municipality of Ponzano Veneto. A 73-year-old with significant comorbidities died from neuroinvasive disease. Confirmation tests were sent to Padua. Also on 15 July a second suspected case was communicated, concerning a 72-year-old resident in Cessalto, also suffering from other concomitant pathologies. The patient has already been discharged from the hospital and is in good health. On July 16, the Sisp received a third report, relating to the death of an 87-year-old resident in Salgareda, also with concomitant pathologies. In order to ensure adequate preventive measures for citizens, pending laboratory confirmation of the cases with targeted tests, the Hygiene and Public Health Service immediately communicated the probable cases to the interested mayors, recalling all the useful measures to be adopted, both to private individuals and municipalities. The West Nile virus has been present in Veneto since 2008, and the Culex Pipiens mosquito (the common mosquito) is one of its main vectors.

The advice of the Ulss 2

The actions promoted by the Region, and implemented by Ulss 2, provide for the surveillance of larval outbreaks (from which mosquitoes develop) throughout the territory: the Municipalities are asked to send the ordinary disinfestation plans by February. The Ulss then proceeds to assess any critical issues, through the effectiveness checks of the scheduled larvicidal treatments, monitoring of the traps and with targeted actions towards the vector where foreseen. In order to reduce the risk of outbreaks, all citizens are advised not to abandon objects and containers of any nature where rainwater can collect and, nevertheless, to empty any commonly used container with the presence of water on a daily basis. Furthermore, condominiums and building owners must treat the drains and manholes in gardens, courtyards and outdoor areas pertaining to the buildings in a preventive and periodic form, with a suitable larvicide product in tablet (the use of adulticides is excluded). The treatments will be recorded in a special register to be shown at the request of the persons in charge of supervising compliance with the provisions. Particular precautions must also be followed by owners of embankments and road edges, waterways, uncultivated areas and abandoned areas, by consortia, farms and livestock farms. It is also important to apply barrier measures in homes, in particular where people with risk factors (mosquito nets) live and to apply suitable skin repellents based on Deet or Icaridina at a concentration higher than 10% (every 3-4 hours in places of exposure or vector density). In children under 2 years, the application of products based on Paramatandiol (Citrodiol) is recommended.

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