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reinforcements arrive and group medicine returns

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A new general practitioner in Godega di Sant’Urbano (currently three), another new general practitioner in Codognè with the forthcoming return of group medicine whose members will be able to use the secretariat to better manage patients. After the dissolution, which took place last summer, of the integrated group medicine of San Fior (it was created in 2019), due to serious contractual breaches, today the mayor Paola Guzzo and the general manager of Ulss 2, Francesco Benazzi, presented and explained the plan with which users will be met. The shortcomings of territorial medicine have even been the subject of a collection of signatures launched by the circles of the PD and addressed to the citizens of Codognè, Godega di Sant’Urbano and Vazzola. The “Medinfior” (composed of Elena Villani, Alfonso Feis, Elisabetta Drusian, Claudio Dalla Torre and Francesco Pizzolon) had also been dissolved due to the complaints of numerous patients who accused above all two doctors of incorrect behavior (and ethical violations for which have been reported) including long waits for a visit (up to twenty days), the impossibility of being able to speak on the phone with your doctor, failure to take care of patients and above all serious non-compliance with the most fragile users, some almost of them needed palliative care related to the end of life. “If something doesn’t work, you go to the root, you don’t shoot in the pile”: Benazzi commented, censoring the initiative of the collection of signatures. Along the same lines as the mayor Guzzo: “For complaints there are appropriate offices, dedicated e-mails, the telephone and other correct channels”. Doctor Francesco Pizzolon commented: “The social networks have aggravated the situation and the groups that have been created can be spokespersons for unedifying news”.

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The pandemic only aggravated the state of the Ulss 2 staff as regards general practitioners: at the end of 2021, 78 doctors had retired, there will be only 11 at the end of 2022. Hopefully the end of the pandemic, with the possibility of replenishing the staff with doctors from the Usca (some of which are still attending specialty school).


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