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Remedies for hair loss: Stopping hair loss – few remedies offer hope

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Remedies for hair loss: Stopping hair loss – few remedies offer hope

Congenital hair loss – androgenetic alopecia in technical terms – is the most common form of hair loss. The hair follicles react sensitively to male sex hormones. While men often develop a receding hairline on their forehead or baldness on the top of their head, women usually experience thinning hair in the crown region.

Some medications aim to counteract hair loss. In our study, we evaluated ten commonly used remedies. This way you can save money on less suitable resources.

Why testing hair loss remedies is worth it for you


Stiftung Warentest evaluated ten over-the-counter and prescription-only products, including solutions and foams for application as well as tablets for oral use. The rating ranges from “suitable with restrictions” to “not very suitable”.

The best hair loss remedies for you

For the evaluation, drug experts reviewed studies on the effectiveness and risks of the active ingredients used. The test includes hair growth products specifically for men, for women and for both.

Other tools and methods

We explain what shampoos with caffeine do and provide information about hair transplantation.

Magazine article as PDF

After activation, you will receive the magazine article from test 10/23 for download.

Remedies for hair loss Stopping hair loss – few remedies give hope

Hair loss remedies for women and men tested

We have selected and evaluated the four most commonly prescribed prescription medications for the treatment of hair loss. We also reviewed the scientific publications on six commonly purchased, over-the-counter hair growth products. This also includes the well-known preparation Rogaine as a foam or solution for men and women.

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We have evaluated these active ingredients

The hair loss remedies in the test are based on these active ingredients:




Estradiol + Flupredniden­acetat

Estradiolbenzoat + Predni­solon + Salicylsäure.

Tipp: Stiftung Warentest regularly evaluates medications, from prostate enlargement medications to sedatives and antibiotics. The Medicines topic page provides an overview.

There are many causes of hair loss

If you want to stop hair loss, you should first find the cause. In addition to hereditary hair loss, illnesses, medications, hormonal fluctuations during menopause or stress can also be triggers. This hair loss is often temporary; hair growth will eventually return. Circular hair loss is probably due to an autoimmune disease – an incorrect reaction of the body’s own immune system. Remedies against inherited hair loss are powerless here.

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