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Remove and prevent moss from joints: This is how it works!

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Moss between pavers may not seem like a big problem at first glance, but it actually has several disadvantages. Not only is it unsightly, but it also presents a potential tripping hazard and can lead to further problems. Moss can also be a symptom of a larger problem, so it’s important to know how to get rid of it between pavers. How can you remove and prevent moss from joints?

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Getting rid of moss on patios and garden paths is probably high on your list of urgent garden maintenance tasks. It is a common problem in the garden: these plants spread wherever they can take root, i.e. in the spaces between the paving stones or on the slabs, where a little earth has blown in from the winter and where it is wet, damp and shady is.

Remove and prevent moss from joints without chemicals – tips and tricks

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Removing moss from pavers requires a different strategy than that from lawns. If anything, moss is easier to control on hard surfaces. Moss, algae and lichen are visually appealing, pose a serious slipping hazard and should be removed from a patio immediately as they become more problematic over time.

Whether you prefer an environmentally friendly method or a store-bought product, there are many ways to remove these growths from patios. Because it is not a problem that can be solved once and then forgotten, constant attention and care are essential.

Clean the joints and paving stones

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Start by clearing the space between the pavers of dirt, weeds, and other debris. Various tools can be used for this task, such as a pressure washer, a wire brush, a hose, a cleaning brush, or even a simple stiff broom. However, be careful when pressure washing an entire walkway.

Add boiling water

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Boiling water is an effective cleaning agent for stones and slabs because it kills green algae. After soaking the moss with boiling water, use a brush to remove it, making sure to get into the paving joints.

What helps against moss in joints? Coca-Cola works wonders

Apply the cola to the stones with moss plants, leave it on for a while and then rinse it off. To remove remaining stains, repeat the process.

Remove dirt and leaves in a timely manner

Make sure you have a neat patio or walkway. Remove any dirt, leaves or other debris that has accumulated. Clean the surface with a brush or blower once a week.

The most important thing is that your patio and garden paths stay dry. Sweep or blow away any remaining water immediately – this is especially important in shady or otherwise poorly lit areas. Look for low-lying areas so that water can drain away from them.

Remove and prevent moss from joints – act quickly

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Remove any growth that shows signs of green as quickly as possible. It spreads quickly and takes root in the joint sand if left unchecked. Once this is done, removal becomes much more difficult and time consuming. Afterwards, removing the moss can damage the sand, meaning new joint sand must be installed.

Free and seal paving joints

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To avoid this problem in the future, it is important to use a paver sealer that prevents moss from growing between the pavers. This creates a barrier that growth cannot overcome.

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Find out here how you can seal your paving joints!

Cut back trees and shrubs

Moss prefers shady areas and does not grow well in full sun. To maximize sunlight on the pavement, trim back trees, shrubs and ornamental plants.

Limit watering

Moss thrives in moist, fertile soil. Prevent the walkway from becoming waterlogged by adjusting your lawn’s sprinkler system, and be careful not to spray the garden path when watering nearby plants.

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