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Renewal of the doctors’ contract, Cimo prepares the mobilization – Healthcare

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Renewal of the doctors’ contract, Cimo prepares the mobilization – Healthcare

(ANSA) – ROME, JUNE 30 – The Cimo doctors union is preparing to mobilize and will meet its members to let them know the implications of the latest draft of the national collective agreement that is being discussed in Aran.

After five months of negotiations, in fact, according to a note from the union, only a few requests from the unions have been accepted, while at the same time worsening the formulation of other more relevant articles.

“Therefore, the direction that we intend to give to the bargaining and to the future of employed doctors and the public health service clearly emerges – adds Cimo -: despite the numerous attempts at mediation by the Aran, the Regions, which really have the ball in their hands and are grappling with a serious shortage of health personnel, in order to guarantee the services they intend to make the few remaining white coats work harder and in worse conditions, affecting the quality of care by encouraging escape from hospitals to the private sector and cooperatives”.

As examples, Cimo mentions “the new formulation of working hours, which does not eliminate the risk of having to work without time limits, providing for hours in excess of around 57 euros per week”, but also “the excessive number of night guards and public holidays” which prevents real continuity of care”.

Furthermore, “the possibility has been introduced that a department director can delegate some of his duties as head physician to a doctor in another department”, and the establishment of the off-site service, even tens of kilometers away from his place of work. Thus the figure of the itinerant doctor is introduced.

“The shortage of doctors in hospitals is a national emergency that endangers the protection of citizens’ health.

Given the unanimous political will to put a stop to the escape from hospitals – declares Guido Quici, president of Cimo – we deluded ourselves that the renewal of the contract could represent a useful tool to make hospitals attractive again. The current draft, on the other hand, goes in the opposite direction to that proposed by the Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci”. (ANSA).

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