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Reolink Duo Wi-Fi / Duo PoE High Pixel Undistorted Dual Lens IP Camera

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Reolink Duo Wi-Fi / Duo PoE High Pixel Undistorted Dual Lens IP Camera

Generally speaking, if it is used at home, the network camera used indoors is enough; but if it is a company, shop, or even a place with an outdoor environment, such as: construction site, warehouse, etc., one is waterproof and dustproof, with high-definition lens, and high-performance network cameras are in great need. Reolink recently launched two high-definition dual-lens IP cameras, Duo Wi-Fi and Duo PoE, which are very suitable for the business users mentioned above.

Support waterproof and dustproof easy installation

The new IP camera launched by Reolink this time has two options: Duo Wi-Fi that supports dual-band Wi-Fi connection, and Duo PoE that supports PoE power supply. The former supports 2.4G / 5G dual-band wireless technology, which can be directly connected to the router, and users do not need to purchase additional hardware connections (such as: base stations); The Network Switch can provide network connection and power supply for the network cameras at the same time, and both network cameras support IP66 waterproof and dustproof functions, which are very suitable for use in construction sites, rooftops, warehouses, cabins/docks, and suburbs. In addition, the installation is also very simple, just scan the QR Code at the bottom of the camera through the Reolink APP, and then it can be completed in 3 simple steps, and different installation tools are also included, whether you want to install it on the wall or other places, it is very convenient .

High-pixel dual-lens all-weather monitoring

As for the network camera, Reolink Duo Wi-Fi / Duo PoE has two built-in 2K 4-megapixel ultra-high-definition lenses, and has a 150-degree ultra-wide-angle field of view, no matter where it is installed, it can show the scene in detail. In addition, it supports AI intelligent humanoid detection and vehicle detection. The former enables the camera to more accurately detect humanoids, while the latter enables the camera to accurately identify the shape of the vehicle, thereby avoiding false touches and providing more accurate alerts. As for usage, when the lens detects an abnormality, it will immediately start motion detection recording, APP real-time push notification, Email notification, etc. It can also be linked to the lens, and the sound and light alarm composed of white Spotlight and sound alarm The system can provide real-time deterrence. Users can even use the built-in microphone and speaker on the camera to realize two-way communication between the monitoring terminal and the scene, making the alarm protection more comprehensive. In addition, the camera is also equipped with 6 professional-grade infrared LED night vision lights and IR-Cut Removable, which can clearly capture the picture even 30 meters away. Clear images, 24 hours a day monitoring. The captured video can also be stored in a microSD memory card (up to 256GB), and both cameras support the Reolink NVR video storage function. Users can watch the video anytime through the Reolink App or the computer software Reolink Client. Fragment.

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Exclusive mobile APP with complete functions

With the two cameras, Reolink has also launched a dedicated mobile APP, which can not only be used to set IP Cam, two-way calling, alarm setting, simple video recording and photo review, but also provide 16-split screen, video/photo on mobile phone, Screen reversal, lens, resolution settings, email settings and other functions. In addition, Reolink Duo Wi-Fi / Duo PoE can also provide 2 channels of streaming code for users to choose, and can provide real-time monitoring and browsing for up to 8 users at the same time. Users can also set different resolutions and compression formats for simultaneous streaming output. , no matter in different venues and equipment, it can provide users with high-quality and stable images.

Reolink Duo Wi-Fi / Duo PoE Introduction to the functions of dual-lens network camera

  • Dual-Band (2.4G / 5G) wireless connection (Reolink DuoWi-Fi)
  • PoE and DC dual power supply (excluding Fire Bull) (Reolink Duo PoE)
  • Dual-lens 150° ultra-wide angle without distortion
  • 2K 4MP 1440p (2560 x 1440) UHD resolution
  • AI Human Detection / Vehicle Detection
  • Full Color Night Vision / 30m Infrared Night Vision
  • Built-in Spotlight and sound siren
  • IP66 Level Weatherproof
  • Support 256GB MicroSD card

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