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Replace sugar with this ingredient – great for health

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Replace sugar with this ingredient – great for health

Sugar is a highly risky product for our body not only in terms of physical shape but also in terms of cholesterol, blood sugar or diabetes. However, it is possible to replace it with another ingredient: let’s find out which one.

Replace sugar with another ingredient (Canva)


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Decrease it sugar within one’s diet it is a fundamental step to take care of the total health of one’s organism.

In fact, this substance is not only responsible for weight gain (which in any case can lead to complications such as obesity and high overweight) but can lead to problems with cholesterol, blood sugar or diabetes.

For these reasons it is therefore very important to reduce consumption by looking for other foods that can play the same role: today we provide you with a more than valid alternative!


Replace sugar with this ingredient – important for health

Drum roll: the mysterious ingredient is the miele which brings much less sugar than its antagonist. It also provides doses of potassium highly relevant. This substance is responsible for carrying out numerous functions in our body.

honey sugar
Honey (Canva)

The main difference between the two elements, however, is another: if sugar is mainly composed of sucrose, honey on the other hand is composed of fructose, a type of sugar that is also found in fruit and which has a much lower glycemic index.

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The calorie instead of honey they are higher (22 calories per 100 grams against 16 for sugar). Despite this, its sweetish taste will make us use less product so as not to disgust us.

For example, if we wanted to sweeten a coffee we will use a teaspoon of sugar while we will use half of it if we did the same operation with honey.

Obviously, the product provided by bees is still a sweetener and how each of them should be used in moderation and without ever exaggerating.

honey sugar how to replace
The product in question (Canva)

As for the replacement of the two ingredients in the recipes we recommend the minus 20% rule. If, for example, 200 grams of sugar is reported in the dosages, subtract 20%, that is 40 grams and therefore use 160 grams of honey.

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