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Report on esports in Italy 2022: numbers stable compared to last year

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Report on esports in Italy 2022: numbers stable compared to last year

Also this year Iidea presented its report on exports to Italy. The occasion was especially important to understand if these two years of pandemic in which many people discovered Twitch and virtual sports had led to an effective growth for the sector, which in Italy has been struggling to explode completely for years, also due to legislative situations. unclear, such as the one that caused the shutdown of some Lan rooms.

Ces 2022

Because gaming is increasingly central to companies’ strategies

by Icilio Bellanima

January 10, 2022

According to data collected by Nielsen 475,000 people claim to follow esports events every day in Italy, in short, those that we could consider as the group of strongest fans who do not lose a competition, are informed every day about their favorite competitions and follow the strongest players. If, on the other hand, we broaden the criteria to include those who follow esports events several times a week, we reach 1,620,000 people. The number is stable compared to the past year, indeed, practically unchanged, which can be seen as a good, because a stable fan base has been created, but also as a not particularly positive sign for a pastime that in the rest of the world continues to raise its numbers.


The magnificent 22 of 2022: the most anticipated video games of the new year

by Giacomo Barbieri, Icilio Bellanima, Emanuele Capone, Alessandra Contin, Lorenzo Fantoni

January 12, 2022

“I remember that on the occasion of the presentation of the previous edition of the Report on Esports in Italy, many wondered how much the incredible numbers that the sector had recorded in 2020 were the result of the context generated by the pandemic and lockdown and how much they testified to an effective growth of passion for gaming competitive in our country, commented Marco Saletta, president of Iidea. Twelve months later we can say that it was not a passing phenomenon, but a new form of entertainment capable of being attractive even for those who had approached it out of curiosity rather than out of passion. A hard core of esports enthusiasts is also being created in Italy, a heterogeneous audience on which this form of entertainment has been able to break through. And it’s not just about the new generations, given that the average age of Italian fans is 28 ”.

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The large esports audience is predominantly made up of men (63%) between 21 and 40 years with an average age of 28, with a level of education and an income above the average of the population. Among the most passionate, these characteristics are accentuated, 56% declare at least a university education and 63% a monthly income exceeding 1500 euros. As for the most played titles in the head we find the sports ones, which translates mainly into Fifa, but also car simulators, followed by shooters, which however are the first on PC, and then to follow Battle Royale and League of Legends . On mobile, on the other hand, in Italy mainly strategy titles are played. The ranking is more or less identical with regard to the titles followed. It should be noted that compared to last year mobile games have seen an 11% increase in audience.

The average monthly expenditure for items related to esports such as merchandising, subscriptions and events is around € 46.9 for fans, reaching € 60.5 for the most passionate.

Autonomous driving

Artificial intelligence beats the real driver: the revolution starts with video games

by Vincenzo Borgomeo

February 10, 2022

The data concerning the sponsors is interesting, a fundamental component to keep the sector alive. In terms of attitudes towards sponsorships, the public is more likely to remember a sponsorship from a company that is associated with something of their interest and they are a target that actively inquires about sponsorships. The most popular are obviously those related to products closest to the world of video games, followed by drinks, snacks and telephone or internet services.

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As for the Nft, the export fanbase is the one that claims to have a greater knowledge of these phenomena (67%) than, for example, those who follow football and motors, but the level of interest is lower than the other fanbases. However, the interest is there, particularly if any digital objects are associated with playful uses and not just as a sports memorabilia. What does this mean? That the esports fan prefer skins or other exclusive items that can also be used in games over simple virtual stickers.

The case

A complaint blocked eSport Bars and LAN rooms: what happened and what will happen

by Lorenzo Fantoni

01 Maggio 2022

“Looking to the future of the export sector, what intrigues us most today are the possible developments that it may have thanks to the push towards the metaverse – concludes Saletta – it is for this reason that we wanted to include an interesting first in this year’s analysis. study also on the relationship between esports fans and some new digital tools such as Fan Token and Nft. As an Association, what is most important to us is that the esports ecosystem in Italy can become increasingly competitive and recognized also on a global scale. We work daily side by side with Italian sector operators, brands and institutions for a healthy and rapid development of the sector in our country. We are confident that Italy can win a place in the sun on the international competitive gaming scene and we can’t wait to see this dream come true ”.

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On this occasion, Iidea also unveiled the program for the next Round One and the Italian Esport Awards. Round One, the first international business event dedicated to esports in Italy, and the Italian Esports Awards. The third edition of Round One, scheduled for 25 and 26 October 2022 at Ogr Torino, this year makes use of the strategic partnership of dentsu gaming – an integrated solution of the dentsu group dedicated to the video game industry. This year’s title will be “The Very Next Level”a theme that will unite the eight editorial lines to describe the different facets of the competitive gaming universe: Esports, Metaverse, Community, Tech, Sport, Creativity, Education, Institution.

Round One will also host the award ceremony of the Italian Esports Awardsthe award dedicated to excellence in the world of esports in Italy, and today the composition of the jury was unveiled, which will evaluate the nominations for the various categories and decide the winners: Alessandro “Stermy” Avallone, Cecilia Ciocchetti, Dimitri “Noodlez” Zografos, Francesco “Deugemo” Lombardo, Riccardo Lichene, Selene Mauretto and Simone “AKirA” Trimarchi.

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