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Respiratory diseases: China bacteria is also spreading in Germany

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Respiratory diseases: China bacteria is also spreading in Germany

This is reported by the news magazine FOCUS in its new edition published on Saturday, citing reports from the Hamburg area. “We are actually seeing some infections with mycoplasma, some of them serious,” says pediatric pulmonologist Philippe Stock, medical director at the Altona Children’s Hospital, to FOCUS.

Those affected can develop “rare complications”.

Doctors with their own practices in many other regions also reported a similar increase. Stock puts the “typical age window” at 5 to 16 years. The symptoms of an excruciating cough and narrowing of the airways are “strong”. The young patients have to be treated as inpatients for seven to ten days. “Rare complications” occurred, namely “inflammatory injuries to the mucous membranes and throat.”

So far, however, no patient at the Hamburg children’s clinic has had to be mechanically ventilated because of “Mycoplasma Pneumoniae” and, says Stock: “None of the cases we treated were ever in danger of death.” As FOCUS also reports, government health researchers in the neighboring Netherlands have already shown this a significantly increased number of pneumonia in 5 to 14 year olds.

Dr. Specht: “Most common cause of atypical pneumonia in children”

In an interview with broadcaster RTL, doctor Christoph Specht said about mycoplasma infections: “These bacteria are the most common cause of atypical pneumonia in children. We saw that again and again before Corona.”

After the corona pandemic, cases fell sharply. However, infectiologists have always asked themselves when the pathogen will appear more frequently again. “Because he was never completely gone,” Specht is certain. “The removal of the measures could have led to these infections now increasing significantly again.”

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