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Re(te)attiva improves the care of people with MS (27/03/2023)

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Re(te)attiva improves the care of people with MS (27/03/2023)

Reaching the goal of enhance the networking between the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association – Aism, Asl and local authorities in provinces of Viterbo, Frosinone and Rome per improve the management of people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and similar pathologies was successfully completed Re(te)Attiva project. The training courses, specially designed for people with MS and local family members, over 150 participants took part – 110 in Rome, 33 in Frosinone and 11 in Viterbo – who may be involved as sentinels in monitoring the corporate Pta and in building relationships with the service and institutional network of the territory.

The project has produced training tools, such as infographics and a dedicated website, which can be used for the self-training of people with MS and their family members interested in training on the subject. The training tools were also designed to be printed and made available to the operators of the Clinical Centers and Single Access Points – and more generally to the entire network involved in the response system – for dissemination to all interested people with MS .
The Re(te)Attiva project – underlines a note – represented an important collaboration between Aism, Asl and Local Authorities for the implementation of the Pdta and the personalization of the care of people with Sm.

The experimental path also involved people with Sm in charge of the ASL of Frosinone and Viterbo, who will be indirect recipients of the reflections that will be made thanks to the fact-finding survey on telemedicine and the home as a place of care underway in Viterbo.
«As soon as the meetings ended, at the end of February, we made a round of phone calls (about 30) among all the participants in the Re(te)Attiva project in Frosinone and its province, to understand how the project had gone. Many people are asking for it to continue. In particular, the issue of rehabilitation is deeply felt and some people with MS have asked for greater training of physiotherapists, physiatrists and even the involvement of the nutritionist in the project» he declares Annamaria Noce, president of Aism Provincial Section of Frosinone, who adds: «The Health Directorate of the Spaziani Hospital in Frosinone received the material proposed by Aism very well and recognized the importance of the association’s experience, and believes a lot in the Pdta. Aism has been seen as a great collaborator in the implementation of the PDTA. After an initial phase of taking charge, there is the personalization of the care of people with MS. The taking charge is 360 degrees, not only in terms of health but for all aspects of life ».

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«Even in Viterbo and its province we conducted a survey to evaluate user satisfaction with the services offered. Positive results emerged from about 200 phone calls and questionnaires administered between January and February 2023: the majority of users are satisfied with the services of the Viterbo Local Health Authority and refer to the Belcolle Hospital in Viterbo as a reference centre. Only a minority (not exceeding 5%) expressed dissatisfaction with the waiting times for the MRI, while satisfaction was expressed with the rehabilitation services offered by the affiliated facilities involved in the project. Even those who have benefited from support and consultancy at the AISM Section of Viterbo have not encountered problems and are satisfied”, declares Vito Di Noto, president of Aism Provincial Section of Viterbo.

In the territory of Rome the Re(te)Attiva project, thanks to the training offered to the volunteers and on the basis of the need for in-depth analysis that emerged in the context of reception and referrals from people with MS, has made it possible to carry out a detailed mapping of local services, involving all rehabilitation centers and PUAs (access points) of ASL Roma 1, 2 and 3. «This work has made it possible to deepen the knowledge of the network of services in the Rome area, with its specific criticalities and complexities, creating the conditions for transferring the experience developed in the other Lazio areas to Rome as well. From contact with the territory, new collaborations between Aism and the services concerned may emerge in the future, with the aim of a more effective care of people with MS», he declares Lucia Palmisano president of Aism Provincial Section of Rome.

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The Re(te)Attiva project represents an important step forward in the care of people with MS and similar pathologies; Aism will continue to work with local authorities and health professionals to improve the services and quality of life of people with MS and their families.

They are www.aismreteattiva.it you can find the teaching materials of the training course, by registering on the site you can also participate in the course deferred and post-project. It is also a useful self-education tool.

For information write to [email protected]

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