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Returning to World War II, “Decisive Hour: Vanguard” will debut on November 5th

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Activision announced that the latest work in the “Decisive Moment” series “Decisive Moment: Pioneer” is expected to be officially released on November 5th, leading players to the unprecedented battlefield of World War II and turning the tide of war.

In addition, Activision will also be launched later this yearThe new game experience of “Modern Battlefield”, and seamless and perfect integration with the new series, there will be a large amount of “Decisive Hour” game content for players to enjoy.

Activision pointed out that “Defeat Moment: Pioneer” has a rich and diverse game content, which can lead “Defeat Moment” fans to explore plot battles, online multiplayer games and zombie cooperation modes. Players will play the role of special forces to rewrite history and witness the origin stories of these heroes. They will form the first task force to travel to the east and west fronts of Europe, the Pacific and North Africa to explore the climax of the storyline of World War II.

The “Decision Moment: Vanguard” multiplayer game will launch up to 20 maps on the first day of the game’s release; fans of the zombie mode can enjoy the classic zombie game experience, including the first character traversal mechanism in the “Decision Moment” series. It is worth mentioning that this time the “Decisive Moment: Pioneer” is led by Sledgehammer Games, but the zombie mode is dominated by Treyarch.

In the second half of this year, “Takeoff Moment: Pioneer” players can also enjoy the fully integrated version of the new “Takeoff Moment: Modern Battlefield” game experience, which includes new maps, new game content and new game experiences.

Returning to World War II,

Under the combination of these two games, “Takeoff Moment: Pioneer” can be described as the “Takeoff Moment” work with the most complete series mechanism in history, and adopts the new generation of “Takeoff Moment” engine used in “Modern Warfare” to perfectly present it. .

“Decisive Moment: Pioneer” is now available for pre-order, and cross-platform support for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/SXbox One and PC version of Battle.net; As for the new game experience of “Decisive Time: Modern Battlefield” will be launched later this year.


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