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“Reverse Referee” today welcomes its 20th anniversary with Tezuka Osamu style illustrations now on display-Bahamut

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Produced by CAPCOM, the court battle game “Ace Attorney (Ace Attorney)”, which was first released on the Gameboy Advance console on October 12, 2001, officially celebrated its 20th anniversary today (10/12), and officially opened a commemorative website at the same time. .

“Reversal Judge” was born by the creator Qiaozhou. It uses serious prosecution court debate as the theme, and uses exaggerated humor to transform it into a unique gameplay. Court battle game. Narrated that the protagonist of the lawyer Cheng Butang Longyi accepts various case commissions, collects clues through investigation, and engages in a verbal battle with prosecutors in court, reveals the contradiction between the witness and the suspect’s words through evidence, and makes the case clear.

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“Reversal Judge” launched its first work on GBA on October 12, 2001. It hit a market with a unique style. The follow-up was launched on GBA, NDS, N3DS and other handheld platforms by Chengbu Tang Longyi and Wang Nixi. Hosuke’s six original works also extend the “Reversal Prosecutor” series with the prosecutor Mikkenrei as the protagonist, and the “Reversal Judge” series starring by Chengbutang’s ancestor Chengbutang Ryunosuke.

“Reverse Referee” series of works

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In order to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the “Reverse Referee” series, the official website opened the 20th anniversary commemorative website today to gather information about the “Reverse Referee” series, including the “CAPCOM vs. Tezuka Osamu CHARACTERS” painting exhibition “Reversal Judge” series 20th anniversary exhibition area, 20th anniversary “Reverse Judge” goods drawn by Nakamura Yusuke, 20th anniversary “Reverse Judge” merchandise drawn by Tu Kazuya, and current Information about the series of works sold on platforms such as consoles/PC phones, etc.

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    The 20th anniversary commemorative merchandise of “Reverse Judgement” drawn by Yusuke Nakamura

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    20th Anniversary Commemorative “Reversal Judge” merchandise drawn by Tu Heye

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    The “CAPCOM vs. Tezuka Osamu CHARACTERS” painting exhibition is currently being held



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