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Rhetoric postponed until 2023 – Forspoken – Gamereactor

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Rhetoric postponed until 2023 – Forspoken – Gamereactor

With Square Enix’s lukewarm teaser and surprisingly little marketing, it wasn’t surprising when For speak was pushed back to October in March. Unfortunately for Square, that doesn’t seem to say anything about the company’s hopes of gaining more traction for its next big hit, so today’s announcement shouldn’t come as a shock, even if the reasons are surprisingly honest.

Developers at Luminous Productions have revealed that Fortalk has been delayed until January 24 next year. Of particular interest is the strategic delay after what they call “discussions with key partners.” In a nutshell, it does sound like Sony and Square Enix agree that if Fortalk is in line with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, A Plague Tale: Requiem, Gotham Knights, God of War: Ragnarök, and A bunch of other anticipated games come out at the same time, then it will get far less attention and sales than they hope to get. One theory the team supports is that the game is basically done, they’re just polishing it now.

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