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Riding an e-scooter: What is allowed and what is not | > – Guide

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Riding an e-scooter: What is allowed and what is not |  > – Guide

As of: April 23, 2024 4:34 p.m

Clear rules also apply to e-scooters on the road, for example regarding driving on sidewalks or the alcohol limit. Scooters that are parked incorrectly or carelessly often cause trouble.

E-scooters are intended to be an alternative to cars or bicycles, especially in city traffic. In many cities, various companies offer vehicles for rent. You don’t need a driver’s license to use them. The minimum age is 14 years. Wearing a helmet is not mandatory, but is recommended. The regulation for small electric vehicles and the road traffic regulations regulate how e-scooters may be used.

E-scooters are often parked incorrectly

Actually, it should go without saying that the scooters should be parked after use in such a way that they do not hinder or even endanger anyone. But things often look different in everyday life: e-scooters are often carelessly left in the middle of paths or on the side of the road. There they are an obstacle for pedestrians, people with walkers or strollers, some of whom have to move onto the street. Visually impaired or blind people can trip over the scooters and fall.

Evidence photos and parking zones are intended to prevent wild parking

Both the cities and the e-scooter rental companies have now responded to the problems. With many rental companies, users can only hand in the vehicle after taking a photo as evidence. It should prove that the scooter was parked properly. Some cities such as Hamburg and Braunschweig have also set up their own parking zones for e-scooters in heavily frequented locations. Conversely, certain areas have been defined in which scooters are not allowed to be parked (“no-parking zones”). These zones are displayed in the scooter apps and parking is not possible there.

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Some cities have also decided to limit the number of rental scooters allowed. In Lübeck, a maximum of 2,000 e-scooters are allowed to roll through the city, in Schwerin there are only 300. Gelsenkirchen recently banned e-scooters completely.

E-scooters are often banned on buses and trains

When e-scooters were introduced, many saw them as the ideal vehicle for traveling the “last mile” from the subway or bus to work or home. But this has often no longer been possible for some time, as several cities now ban e-scooters on local public transport. A corresponding ban has been in effect in Hamburg since summer 2023, and from mid-May they will also be banned on buses in Schleswig-Holstein. The background is reports that warn of an increased risk of fire and explosion with the lithium-ion batteries installed in the scooters. The Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) then spoke out in favor of a ban on transport.

Use e-scooters correctly

The city of Hanover has created a list of rules for e-scooters based on the road traffic regulations, including:

Use cycle paths, cycle lanes, cycle paths and streets – sidewalks and pedestrian zones are taboo unless there is a special permit. Riding in green areas (e.g. in gardens, forests, parks, riverside areas) is prohibited. E-scooters from rental companies are not allowed on public bicycle racks Entrances and exits to buildings or subway and S-Bahn stations including elevators, entrances to elevated platforms and bus stops must be kept clear. The same applies to walking areas for wheelchair users and guidance systems for blind and visually impaired people. So-called crossing points such as central islands, areas Traffic lights or pedestrian crossings as well as entrances to properties must also be kept clear.Access to mailboxes, parking ticket machines, distribution boxes and driveways are also not permitted as parking areas.E-scooters should not be parked in green areas or on green verges (danger of fire due to hot battery).Vehicles in the As a rule, park along – and not across – the direction of travel. Use free areas at the edge or niches of public buildings as well as specially designated parking spaces.

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Fines for misconduct

If carelessly parked e-scooters hinder or endanger other road users, this can be punished as an administrative offense. The lenders can pass on the costs incurred to the users. If they drive on the sidewalk, they will be fined 15 euros. If you fail to announce a change of direction with a hand signal, 10 euros are due. The catalog of fines for e-scooters also reveals: Anyone who runs a red light will be asked to pay 60 euros and get a point in the traffic offenders’ register in Flensburg. If the traffic light is red for more than a second or other road users are endangered, the penalty is 100 euros.

Driving next to each other is also not permitted and costs a fine of 15 euros. If someone else is hindered or endangered, it is 20 or 25 euros. Riding an e-scooter with two people is quite popular, but it is forbidden, which costs a fine of 10 euros.

Alcohol limit significantly lower than on a bicycle

The alcohol limit for cyclists is 1.6. E-scooter users, like drivers, must adhere to the 0.5 alcohol limit. As with cars, a strict ban on alcohol applies to new drivers who are still on probation and drivers under the age of 21. Anyone who drives an e-scooter while under the influence of alcohol during the probationary period must expect a fine of 250 euros and an extension of the probationary period by two years.

Anyone who violates the 0.5 alcohol limit for the first time and is caught will face a 500 euro fine and two points in Flensburg. A driving ban of one month is added. Anyone who becomes conspicuous more often will be punished more severely, as the catalog of alcohol fines stipulates. From 1.1 per mille at the latest, there is a risk of a fine or a prison sentence of up to one year. Possible further penalties include a driving ban of up to six months or the revocation of your driving license.

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Further information

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