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Right to health, associations distrust Government and Regions (04/13/2023)

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Cittadinanzattiva – together with Famiglie Sma, Aisf (Italian Fibromyalgic Syndrome Association), Uildm L’Altra Cicogna onlus, Hera onlus, associations that represent some categories of patients most damaged by the failure to update the Lea – today sent a formal notice addressed to the President of the Council of Ministries as well as President of the permanent State-Regions Conference and to all the Presidents of Regions and autonomous Provinces, so that the State-Regions Conference is convened within a maximum of seven days with the discussion of the Tariff Decree on the agenda and that the ‘Understanding.

In fact, the failure to enter into force of the Lea of ​​2017 and their subsequent, and already foreseen, update depends on the failure to reach the Agreement: it is a situation “in clear contrast to the protection of health, as an individual right and in the interest of the community (art. 32 of the Constitution)”, as stated in the formal notice, “and manifests the failure of the State/Regions and therefore of the national health service to protect health, as well as even the non-respect for the dignity and quality of people’s lives”.

The permanent mobilization of Cittadinanzattiva in defense of the Health Service, the health of citizens and the collectability of rights in a season which, to all intents and purposes, has the character of a state of health emergency.

Only with the approval of the Tariff Decree and the updating of the Lea, the organizations underline in the formal notice, will it be possible to:

  • – determine the collectibility throughout the national territory of the newly introduced services, including a significant number provided on an outpatient basis, and the overcoming of the unevenness of assistance among citizens;
  • – reduce healthcare mobility but also the healthcare costs themselves since the Decree transfers some services from the hospital sector to the specialist outpatient sector;
  • – carry out effective monitoring of LEA outpatient services as well as hospital services, thus allowing verification of the satisfaction of health needs, accessibility of services, waiting times and appropriateness of services;
  • – provide for the updating of the services included also in the light of new scientific evidence.
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Last but not least, the non-approval of the Tariff Decree, in addition to preventing the entry into force of the 2017 Lea and those that can be further updated, risks weighing on the downward definition of the essential performance levels (so-called Lep) envisaged by the new bill on “asymmetrical regionalism”. If the Lep, which at least on paper represent the only counterweight to the further regional imbalances which differentiated autonomy could lead to, were defined starting from the 20-year-old Lea, this would lead to the definitive dissolution of the National Health Service and the acclaimed impossibility to guarantee equal health services throughout the national territory.

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