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“Risk for tourists? Problem for Italians” – Il Tempo

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“Risk for tourists? Problem for Italians” – Il Tempo

Dengue Fever Alert: Virologists Warn of Potential Health Risk in Italy

Virologists are issuing warnings about the potential threat of Dengue fever in Italy, as cases of the mosquito-borne illness continue to rise internationally. In a recent social media post, virologist Roberto Burioni highlighted the severity of Dengue fever, often referred to as “bone-breaking fever” due to its debilitating symptoms of high fever and intense muscle pain.

While Dengue fever is typically not considered life-threatening, Burioni stressed that in one out of every 20 cases, the illness can escalate to a more serious level. The virus is transmitted through mosquito bites and does not spread directly from person to person.

In response to the growing concern, the Italian Ministry of Health has issued a circular outlining preventative measures and launching a vaccination campaign aimed at travelers to high-risk areas. The goal is to prevent potential outbreaks of Dengue fever in Italy, particularly during the summer months when mosquito populations are at their peak.

Despite the potential impact on public health, infectious disease experts like Matteo Bassetti are urging the public not to focus on the implications for tourism. Bassetti pointed out that previous outbreaks of Dengue fever in other tourist destinations, such as the South of France, did not have a significant impact on tourism. Instead, the priority should be protecting the health of the population and preventing the spread of the illness within Italy.

As of now, Italy has not seen any cases of Dengue fever in 2024, with only a few imported cases reported in 2023. However, experts are remaining vigilant and emphasizing the importance of preventative measures to avoid any potential outbreaks in the future.Authorities are also working to raise awareness about the risks posed by mosquitoes and the crucial role of mosquito control in protecting public health.

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