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Rizzoli publishes the first book in the form of Nft

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Rizzoli publishes the first book in the form of Nft

“Crypto Art – Begins” is the first book published by Rizzoli to be published both in the form of printed paper in bookstores and as Non Fungible Token (Nft) on the specialized platform Nifty Gateway starting from 19 September. In the last year, Crypto Arte has overwhelmed the art world and beyond, involving all the actors of the traditional world including collectors, curators, critics, museums and auction houses, creating a new way to sell and produce art. “Crypto Art Begins”, a project curated by Nft Magazine.

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The book, entitled “Crypto Art – Begins”published as told by Rizzoli both in Italy and in English in New Yorkwas born from an idea of ​​the project The Nft Magazinein turn the first monthly newspaper to read and collect on the Ethereum blockchain, created in 2021 by the collaboration between the Sardinian company ArtRights and the Swiss magazine The Cryptonomist.

The book explains the birth of this new NFT art movement through the history and works of 50 crypto artists among which Hackatao, Refik Anadol, Kevin Abosch, Osinachi, Federico Clapis, Giant Swan, Grandfather.Art – who have contributed to the development of the sector.

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To have made the selection of the 50 artists for the book we find the curator Eleonora Brizi, a pioneer of the movement, who also carried out the interviews included in the volume. Together with her, the contribution of the first Crypto Art Historian, Martin L. Ostachowskiwhich has reconstructed the origins of non-fungible tokens in the artistic field.

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How the NFT version of the book works

Possession of the NFT will give the right to receive a preview of the physical book in his limited edition, whose covers are made with the works of 50 artistsas well as guaranteeing numerous experiences between physical and digital.

The book “Crypto Art – Begins” will be available in all bookstores in Italy from 8 November 2022, while in the United States in spring 2023 and on the official website of The Nft Magazine via Nft from 19 September. As seen in the past, once again the NFTs can help the publishing sector, which especially in Italy is still facing a period of severe crisis with fewer readers, fewer copies sold in terms of works in paper form and therefore also fewer advertisers.

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