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Robert Lewandowski, «Inverted diet»: the secret of the footballer’s dry physique

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Robert Lewandowski, «Inverted diet»: the secret of the footballer’s dry physique

In these hours there is much talk of the handshake that Robert Lewandowski offered to Lionel Messi, who however withdrew, refusing his colleague’s peace sign. The Argentina champion and the Polish striker challenged each other on Wednesday 30 November, during the Poland-Argentina match held in Qatar. In general, however, the name of the Polish footballer – striker for Barcelona and the Polish national team (of which he is captain) – is mentioned not only when speaking of altercations on the pitch but also of athletic physical form, one in which the percentage of fat is at historic lows. In addition to the obvious merit of training worthy of a champion of his caliber, Lewandowski’s silhouette also owes much to Anna Stachurska, the former karateka (winner of silver and bronze medals at the World Championships) who, in parallel with her sporting activity, has chosen to undertake a course of study to become a nutritionist. She graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Physical Education and currently works as a nutritionist and personal trainer. Hers Hers her online business is among the top earning entries at the end of the month, judging by the success of her YouTube fitness channel Health Plan By Ann. Her Instagram profile is also very popular, through which Stachurska offers nutritional plans and advice for eating in a healthy and balanced way. Certainly having one of the testimonials footballers characterized by a slimmer physiquewell sculpted and most statuesque that exists helps Anna Stachurska, who before being the personal nutritionist of Robert Lewandowski first of all his wife. it is to her that we owe the intuition of which the sportsman sometimes offers us a taste, talking about it with the media: that of inverting foods, distorting the order to which routine has accustomed us.

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Reversing the order of foods is one of the secrets of Robert Lewandowski’s physicist

So for him (and for her too, who follow the same diet) dessert comes before salad, and tuna served at breakfast. Although Lewandowski doesn’t often talk about what he puts on his plate, let’s say that when he does he never misses an opportunity to underline that the diet developed by his wife has changed his life (as well as his shape). Anna Stachurska herself spoke firsthand about the nutrition of the former Bayern Munich player, presenting it in an interview with the Times.

The nutritionist defines it with the expression of reverse diet: it consists in inverting the conventional order of the courses of a meal. Lunch and dinner, therefore, start in the opposite way from what we are used to: the first course becomes the dessert, followed by a second course (meat or fish based). After that we move on to the first course (which is usually a soup), to end it all with a grand finale that you would never expect: a salad… As for the dessert, nothing high-calorie is allowed, however a few biscuits with chocolate flakes dark chocolate allowed, indeed even recommended.

At the Lewandowski house, the inverted order of courses is followed six days a week, always starting with a minimalist dessert: a square of dark chocolate, the sine qua non of enjoying a plate of pasta.

Dark chocolate, Lewandowski’s great friend

Dark chocolate is the main protagonist of Lewandowski’s reverse diet, even when pasta is served for lunch (not every day, however. And never for dinner). When the midday meal includes pasta, a piece of dark chocolate is served instead of the appetizer (which will arrive at the end).

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Alcohol is not completely banned, however the recommendation is to consume little (and not every day). Instead, the list of absolutely prohibited foods ends up with foods containing gluten, cow’s milk, lactose and wheat flour, which is why Robert Lewandowski’s breakfast often consists of something absolutely unexpected (unexpected for us, not for him): tuna! This protein choice to accompany a portion of fresh fruit and nuts (almonds in primis). Definitely no even to fried food, junk food and fast food. There are those who will certainly turn up their noses at the idea of ​​eating a slice of tuna shortly after waking up in the morning, instead according to what Lewandowski says it is ideal for him. When I ate cereal and milk for breakfast, I felt a little sluggish before training, the footballer points out.

When he has to take the field, his number one ally becomes the avocado

The diet varies according to his work commitments. When he has to take the field for a game, as in this period, Robert Lewandowski’s plate abounds in vegetables such as broccoli, zucchini, carrots, spinach and salad. And his best friend during the times when he has to play to win the king of superfoods: avocado.

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