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Roberta Marcon had dedicated her life to animals. Her office was open 24 hours a day

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Roberta Marcon had dedicated her life to animals.  Her office was open 24 hours a day

A woman who has dedicated her life to caring for animals has failed to defeat an incurable disease. Her name is Roberta Marcon in Dassie, aged 53. Killed by a tumor that gave her no escape, the veterinary surgeon was well liked by all for her extraordinary humanity and the great passion and competence with which she carried out her profession. She was the owner of an associated studio, in via Martiri Cecoslovacchi (Treviso), near the church of the Madonna delle Grazie in Monticella. A studio, which is an important point of reference in the city and for the whole surrounding area, for lovers of dogs and cats and other pets, open 24 hours a day, without an appointment in case of need, where the most diverse services are offered and to which a boarding house for cats is annexed. During short breaks from work, Roberta Marcon allowed herself a few breaks at the nearby Alla Torre bar in via Veneto for a coffee and a chat.

The path, the relapse and the death

The tumor was diagnosed three years ago.

She had undergone therapies in various health centers and it seemed that she had recovered and that the disease had been defeated. But last year she had a relapse and her death occurred at the Antica Fonte Hospice in Vittorio Veneto, where she had recently been hospitalized, due to the worsening of her condition. Deep condolences both in Conegliano and in San Fior where Roberta lived. “Unfortunately – says his sister-in-law Nella Dassie, former councilor of San Fior – these are things that fate can reserve for us and against which we can do nothing”. All those who knew Roberta will miss her smile, her availability and the kind ways in which she related to others.

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The closeness of his loved ones

“She was my vet, as good and beautiful as the sun, who has always been an angel to protect the health of animals” is one of the many messages published on social media with which she is fondly remembered. «Perdiamno an excellent colleague, but above all a cheerful, positive and always available person» says incredulous Alessia Grassigli, president of the Order of Veterinarians.

Roberta Marcon leaves behind her husband Flavio Dassiè, owner of an important graphic studio in Conegliano in via Lourdes, her children Eliseo and Edoardo, her mother Bruna, her sister Patrizia, in-laws and nephews. Her husband is also, like her, a great animal lover and in the past he successfully participated in Italy and abroad in numerous snow sled races pulled by husky dogs that he raised. The funeral will be held on Tuesday at 4.30 pm in the monumental church of Castello Roganzuolo, where the rosary will be recited on Monday at 7.00 pm.

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