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Roccella, I was anorexic as a child – Sanità

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Roccella, I was anorexic as a child – Sanità


(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 16 – “As a child I was anorexic. It was a question of infantile anorexia, not of non-acceptance of oneself but of a relationship that did not exist at that moment with my mother who I missed because she was elsewhere. Growing up I overcame slowly the problem but I lived it for a very long time”. This was underlined by the minister for the family and equal opportunities Eugenia Roccella, during a meeting organized in the Chamber on body shaming.

“I lived in Sicily – said Roccella – and the maximum analysis that my aunt, my dad’s sister with whom I lived, made was ‘the girl is difficult to eat’. I lived in a small, backward but inclusive country: I would like today we recover this value, but we have to put in place projects that are appropriate to the times. We must also do it with the tools we have today”. (HANDLE).

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