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ROG – ROG X EVANGELION Joint Look Around! Are you ready to be filled?

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ROG – ROG X EVANGELION Joint Look Around! Are you ready to be filled?

ROG Republic of Gamers today launched a heavyweight joint product – ROG X EVANGELION series, with the “No. 1” in the world-renowned animation IP “Evangelion” as the design inspiration, allowing DIY PC players to gather from the EVA universe. All kinds of components, assemble the high-end equipment in the classic purple and green colors of the “First Machine”, and then create a “NERV Command” exclusive to fans.

What I want to introduce this time is the most approachable peripherals that I want to start with EVA joint name, Delta S EVA limited edition gaming headset, Strix Scope RX EVA limited edition optical axis gaming keyboard, Keris Wireless EVA limited edition lightweight FPS wireless gaming mouse , Scabbard II EVA limited edition mouse pad and other limited edition e-sports peripherals, within 10,000 yuan to satisfy players’ desire for collection!

ROG Delta S EVA Limited Edition

The appearance of the Delta S EVA limited edition has changed from the classic black of ROG, with the classic purple and green color matching of the “first machine”, creating a joint limited edition that makes old EVA fans crazy. The ROG Delta S EVA color box maintains the same style as this joint series. You can clearly see the pattern of the first machine, and you can immediately let the old fans know that this is a cooperation product between Khana and EVANGELION.

What I mentioned in direct reading is that the font of this joint name seems to have colorful color reflections, and the ligatures are super textured! When the earphones are opened, there will be a protective sheet with foam printed on the bottom of the bust, and a Type-C to Type-A adapter is attached in the box.

→ Protective sheet.

→ Adapter (left).

→ Delta S EVA limited edition.

The microphone is also detachable this time. In addition to being convenient for players to store, it also increases the usability of headphones that can be taken out of the house. The button in the lower left corner of the headphones can be used to mute, so players do not have to keep plugging and unplugging if they are purely at home.

→ Plug in the microphone.

The ROG Delta S EVA limited edition is made of purple with black as a whole, and the words of the first machine, ROG x EVANGELION, etc. can also be seen on the ROG Delta S EVA gaming headset. The earmuff on the right has the Eye of Faith of the first machine with the luminous ROG; the earmuff on the left has the word EVA, which can also emit light.

Players who have a little exposure to ROG headsets know that ROG Delta S is an upgraded version of the Delta series. It retains the traditional USB Type-C connection interface and virtual 7.1 channel of the previous generation, and the built-in DAC chip is upgraded to the ESS 9281 Pro quad-core, which can fully To analyze the high-quality sound source of MQA, the AI ​​noise reduction technology of its external microphone is one of the most powerful tools for remote office work at home.

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→ Right ear cup.

→ Left ear cup.

The ROG Delta S class D-type earmuffs are ergonomically designed. The default earmuffs and headgear are made of artificial leather as a whole. You can see the “AT position” in the earmuffs. If the player is not used to it Leather earmuffs, ROG also has another set of mesh earmuffs attached to the accessories and inside, and there are also small ideas belonging to EVA inside the earmuffs!

→ The ear cup frame also has green accents.

→ Leather headwear.

→ Details of the AT stand inside the ear cups.

→ Replacement ear cups made of mesh.

Adjust the joint name with ROG X EVA on the side of the headset. After pulling it apart, you can see that ROG does not miss every detail, and it also has a synchronous engraving pattern on the inside.

→ Joint name.

→ Open the laser sculpture with synchronization rate.

ROG Delta S is also equipped with Aura SYNC RGB lighting effects. In addition to the existing ring design style, it also adds a new Soundwave lighting effect mode. (The editor immediately wants to play a cruel angel to match the lighting effect Q_Q), and at the same time, the AI ​​noise reduction function is introduced, and the maximum 95% suppression effect can be obtained for specific background noises such as keyboards. In terms of control, the convenience of one-handed control is maintained. The rear edge of the left earcup is equipped with light effect on/off, Soundwave mode switching keys, as well as volume adjustment, microphone on/off (pressing) rocker switches.

→ Headphone I/O.

What amazes me the most is that the interface of the system after entering ASUS’ own software Armory Creat has a special design for EVA. In addition to the adjustable equalizer, as long as the product is an EVA limited edition, some of the lighting effects are preset to “EVA 01” with red and green light flow design.

→ The exclusive EVA interface and lighting effects of the limited edition.

→ Aura SYNC RGB 。

Strix Scope RX EVA Limited Edition Optical Shaft Gaming Keyboard

→ Strix Scope RX EVA limited edition box.

→ The super-beautiful colorful refraction mentioned earlier.

ROG Strix Scope RX inherits the previous Scope series keyboards in terms of appearance design. They are all full-size designs. They match the classic purple and green of the first machine. The aluminum alloy upper cover creates a durable design texture, and the upper part also uses a low-key slash. Hairline, this time it is more special to add IP57 waterproof and dustproof function, which is also an additional blessing under the optical axis.

→ Strix Scope RX EVA。

→ The back is also EVA 01 color.

→ The joint name in the lower right corner.

→ EVA design details.

The shaft body adopts ROG’s exclusive RX optical shaft, with a total keystroke of 4mm and a trigger keystroke of only 1.5m. It has an initial force of 40g and a driving resistance of 55g. In addition to the overall purple and green, the editor, who is an old fan, also finds classic EVA elements that can be seen everywhere on the keyboard, such as the restricted area elements of Shift and Ctrl, the synchronization rate element of the blank key, and the half-body number one machine. At the same time, these keys All come with replaceable keycaps.

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The ESC in the upper left corner has the head of the first machine, F12 has the “invisible key” AT position, etc. The whole keyboard is full of nostalgic feelings, and you can know the meaning of the elements on each key after a little thought.

→ RX optical axis.

→ Longinus Spear Key Puller.

→ Replace the previous keycaps.

→ After replacement.

→ Left is after replacement.

→ Space key sync rate with half-length first machine.

Basic mechanical keyboard functions such as 100% anti-ghost and N-KEY ROLLOEVER technology, the keyboard itself also has built-in memory, providing up to 6 sets of user profiles for quick switching, and ASUS own software Armoury Crate software can also record Macro function, other like Windows lock and Fn lock key, etc. are also available.

→ Super nice purple light.

→ Stealth keys have AT stand.

→ RGB “EVA 01” lighting effect.

Keris Wireless EVA Lightweight Mouse, Scabbard II EVA Mouse Pad

→ Keris Wireless EVA case.

The appearance of the professional shooting mouse is only 79g, and it is the first mouse with ROG micro switch. It is definitely the most suitable mouse for co-branded EVA! Just to deal with the flexibility of each EVA, and the need to replace parts every time it strikes and confronts the apostles, it is very suitable to choose this Keris Wireless as a joint model.

→ Includes mouse feet and micro switch.

The Keris Wireless EVA limited edition is also a change from the classic black. It uses the first-order machine with all purple and green colors. It is equipped with an optical 16000 DPI high-end sensor. The whole is also equipped with a lot of EVA details. The right button on the appearance has the early EVA font written. “ROG KERIS”, the word “awakening” in the lower left corner of the mouse, in addition to providing additional OMRON microswitches and mouse feet, ROG Keris Wireless mouse also provides PBT material side in 3 colors of purple, green and orange. The keys allow users to change according to their preferences.

→ Keris Wireless EVA 。

→ “Awaken” in the lower left corner of the mouse.

→ The glowing EVA 01.

→ Three color PBT side buttons.

→ Right-click the word KERIS.

In addition, the mouse charging cable also uses the same purple braided charging cable. Even the bottom of the mouse is specially designed with EVA color. In addition to the sensor in the middle, it also has DPI up and down adjustment keys and a dual-mode switch button. You can also enter the Armory Creat for finer adjustments!

→ Type – C Connect the charging cable.

→ Unlimited softness.

→ Bottom of the mouse.

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→ “EVA 01” lighting effect.

Since players have chosen the EVA joint mouse and headset, they must not miss the ROG Scabbard II EVA mouse pad. In fact, because other peripherals cannot allow players to really see a lot of EVA elements due to the area, this time also launched a sliding The mouse pad is to make up for this shortcoming for players, and it also allows the editor to see the reason why it is impossible not to choose it.

→ ROG Scabbard II EVA case.

If Keris Wireless EVA and Strix Scope RX EVA are both the color matching of the “first machine”, then there must be a NERV base to accommodate the first machine! ! The elements on the ROG Scabbard II EVA limited edition mouse pad are basically the elements that can be seen in the NERV base, including the “alarm” of the apostles’ attack, the word “runaway” of EVA, and the most classic “NERV” base LOGO in the upper right corner. It can make people feel full of emotions.

→ ROG Scabbard II EVA。

→ Apostle Attack Alert!

→ NERV base logo.

Of course, as a qualified mouse pad, it must have a nano-coating that is water-repellent, oil-proof and dust-proof. ROG Scabbard II EVA mouse pad is made of durable knitted material and has the industry’s first American textile. The Association of Chemistry (AATCC) class 100 water repellency, the special coating used also makes ROG Scabbard II 1.5 times smoother than ordinary materials, and has flat seam edges, making the thickness of the ROG Scabbard II EVA limited edition mouse pad more generally resistant. The wear pad is 12% thinner and the overall thickness is only 3mm.

→ Water repellent design.

Did you keep up with the Humanity Completion Plan?

Having seen so many products co-branded by manufacturers and animations, this time ROG really made the editor feel sincere and attentive, not just “putting” the picture on the product, just like KERIS can replace the micro switch and EVA needs to replace the parts Ingenuity, or the relationship between the invisible key and the AT position, or even the sword drawer with the color of the gun of Longinus, can let fans know that the designer has taken into account the original fit with the animation from the selection of products to the internal details. . Overall, whether it is color matching or design, there are people who feel the classics from EVANGELION.

Then the basic spindles of this joint name are all first-order machines. The prices of the four kinds of headphones, mouse, keyboard, and mouse pad are – $5,890, NT$2,990, NT$3,990, and NT$1,490. There is little difference in price from the normal version. The price is still the same, which is really quite Buddhist. The editor is also here to help you make wishes for your Asuka and Zero Boling twin wives. I hope that I will have the opportunity to see products with No. 0 or No. 2 as the main axis. Seeing this, have you completed it? ?

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