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Rome, 40 no vax doctors interrupt Omceo assembly: law enforcement officers intervene

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The assembly of the provincial order of doctors of Rome suspended, after the police were forced to intervene to stop the protest of about forty no vax doctors. “This morning in the capital – reads a note from Omceo – the assembly of the provincial order of Rome of Physicians and Dentists was interrupted, which should have approved the budget for 2022. About forty doctors they expressed their dissent accusing the Omceo council of ‘not having suspended those who were in arrears and instead of having suspended doctors who did not vaccinate’. This instrumental attitude of a minority in fact prevented the normal course of the meeting. Protesters intimidatingly boycotted the works and started shouting ‘Shame, shame’. The situation degenerated, the president was effectively prevented from speaking and so were the other doctors who had signed up to speak. The police forces promptly intervened and the assembly was therefore interrupted “.

“I am sorry as a doctor and president of doctors to witness these manifestations of degeneration of the category. In recent months I have always sought dialogue with those who do not think like me. However, I think the situation is getting out of hand for everyone. I continue to ask and hope for action that will protect the health of all citizens in this serious moment of pandemic. Although embittered by what happened this morning, I reiterate that the Order of Rome is and remains open to listen to the requests of all its members, none excluded ”. These are the words of president Antonio Magi at the conclusion of the assembly.

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The Minister of Health Roberto Speranza heard Magi by telephone after what happened this morning. The minister expressed support and solidarity with President Magi as well as gratitude for the daily work done to protect the right to health.

“Solidarity with the president Antonio Magi and the whole Board of Directors of the Order of Doctors of Rome – says the president of Fnomceo, the National Federation of Medical Orders, Filippo AnelliUnacceptable, and intolerable in time and manner, the protest of unvaccinated doctors, which prevented the regular conduct of the annual assembly of the Order “.

“The Orders are subsidiary bodies of the State and have the duty and obligation to implement the rules established by law – he explains -. Without prejudice to the disciplinary and judicial implications of some behaviors such as those seen today, the Orders will immediately start the procedure to detect unvaccinated doctors. The suspensions, with this new rule that brings the responsibilities back to the Orders, will arrive in a few days “.

“We condemn without ifs and buts these uncivilized behaviors, all the more serious if they are implemented by a doctor, and we invite the Order of Rome to proceed without delay – he concludes – We appreciate the solidarity and gratitude for our work expressed by the minister of Health Roberto Speranza. We ask the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese for a particular commitment to secure the medical orders called to apply a rule that allows citizens and the whole of society to obtain the protection of their health in maximum safety “.

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“A doctor must fight diseases not transmit them and those who do not have faith in science and medicine cannot be a doctor – underlines the president of the Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti – Solidarity with all health personnel and doctors today challenged by no vax ”.

In a long phone call to President Magi, the Lazio Region Health Councilor, Alessio D’Amato, expressed “the solidarity of the regional health system for the cowardly attack suffered during today’s Assembly, moreover all without a mask in an indoor place. The Order of Rome is applying only the law and who professes himself no-vax, using violent methods, betrays the Hippocratic oath. Fortunately, the vast majority of doctors are fighting the pandemic by representing the best part. I ask the Privacy Guarantor to quickly enable the Orders to access the vaccination registries “.

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