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“Royal” use of the medicinal plant of the year 2021 / world premiere on TV: King …

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“Royal” use of the medicinal plant of the year 2021 / world premiere on TV: King …

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On May 6th of this year the time has come: The British King Charles III. will be officially crowned – and millions of people on TV screens around the world will be watching. They will also experience a world premiere: because the most sacred ritual of the coronation, the anointing of the king with a secret coronation oil made of myrrh, cinnamon and olive oil, will be broadcast live for the first time. For this centuries-old tradition, a retired pastor and pharmacist mixed the special anointing oil “on a secret mission” for eight months [1]. He created the modern re-edition of a closely guarded, ancient recipe that – according to the Bible – was already used by Moses. This coronation ceremony once again illustrates the far-reaching historical role of the “mystical myrrh”. Almost everyone knows its meaning in the Christmas story: Here it was one of the three gifts that the three kings gave to the baby Jesus at birth. In addition, the “medicinal plant of the year 2021” not only has a long religious history, it was also an important therapeutic agent in medicine for centuries [2]. And today, myrrh is used in a herbal combination drug*, particularly to support the treatment of diarrhoea, flatulence and cramps in various gastrointestinal diseases.

Due to the special circumstances and the fact that many people will probably only experience a British coronation once in their lifetime (the coronation of Charles’ mother, Queen Elizabeth II took place in 1953 – hardly anyone had a television at that time), the upcoming coronation ceremony will be Charles III probably a TV event of superlatives. And for the world premiere, the Anointing of the King, a transparent canopy (“heaven”/canopy) will be set up so that people at home can also experience this most important part for the first time on the screens.

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“…that was worth living for me.”

The pharmacist and pastor who prepared the anointing oil with myrrh will also attend this ceremony with humility: “To do that, considering the biblical story and the importance of the oil, it was worth living for me”. [3]. The Archbishop of Canterbury does the anointing himself – this shows in a figurative sense that Charles III. receives the anointing directly from God. Charles is anointed on his hands, chest and head. And that’s unique among royalty in the world. Even if this ritual royal role of the “mystical myrrh” is hardly important today, it has found a new place for the good of mankind.

Today, myrrh is a component of modern intestinal medicines

Because at the present time, the medicinal plant of the year (2021) is mainly used as a modern medicine in the unique combination with chamomile and coffee charcoal (in Myrrhinil-Intest*) in the treatment of numerous gastrointestinal complaints. In scientific studies [4,5] It could be shown that Myrrhinil-Intest can improve the typical symptoms such as diarrhea, flatulence and cramps in gastrointestinal disorders, such as those that occur in irritable bowel syndrome or chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. The current irritable bowel guidelines for doctors also focus on treating symptoms such as diarrhea, cramps, flatulence and constipation. Three of these four key symptoms mentioned above can therefore be treated at once with the herbal medicine.

Specific complaints in the focus of therapy

And alleviating the aforementioned symptoms is the most important goal of any irritable bowel therapy. Because the therapists usually do not treat an ‘irritable bowel’ per se, because the clinical picture is always an individual mix of causes, triggers and, above all, complaints. And especially these, sometimes extremely stressful symptoms of flatulence, cramps, a big bloated stomach and frequent, often too spontaneous diarrhea, they have to be alleviated – because only then can the patient feel better again and only then, i.e. (almost) symptom-free, have it more quality of life and desire for life again.

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* www.myrrhinil-intest.de

References 1-5 can be requested from [email protected]



Areas of application: Traditional herbal medicine for the supportive treatment of gastrointestinal disorders with non-specific diarrhea accompanied by slight cramps and flatulence exclusively due to long-term use. Contains glucose and sucrose (sugar). For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist. Status 08/20.


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