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Run over and killed by her friend’s husband in Catania, Cettina “had convinced her to leave him”

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Run over and killed by her friend’s husband in Catania, Cettina “had convinced her to leave him”

“I got nervous, when I saw them go on foot I accelerated and ran over them”. So Piero Maurizio Nasca, 52, confesses to the feminicide committed shortly before in the eighth street of the industrial area of Catania. With his car he ran over his wife, Anna Longo, 56, who was injured, and a friend of the woman, Cettina ‘Cetty’ de Bormida, 69, originally from Centuripe, in the Ennese area, who died immediately in impact with the car. And so the blood streak of feminicides continues in Italy. Since 27 May, the day Giulia Tramontano was killed, there have been at least five episodes of violence that have had women as victims.

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The confession

The latest in order of time is what happened today in Catania: he confesses first on the phone, with the 112 operator who calls while still in the car, then in a bar where he stops for a drink while waiting for the police who he takes him to the offices of the police squad. The ‘primary target was Cetty de Bormida’ guilty, in his view, of having pushed his wife to leave him and to be an obstacle to their relationship. He also confirmed this during the interrogation of the deputy prosecutor Valentina Botta, one of the magistrates of the pool against gender violence coordinated by the prosecutor Carmelo Zuccaro and the deputy Marisa Scavo who ordered the arrest of Nasca for aggravated murder and attempted murder.

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Judicial precedents

That pool that is following the trial in which Nasca is accused of violence and ill-treatment of his wife, which began after the woman’s 2018 complaints, which had led to the issuance of the admonition provision by the Catania Quaestor . Despite the initiation of the proceedings, the woman had remained living with her husband, with whom she had been married for 25 years, and towards whom, perhaps, she owed a debt of gratitude for having taken care of the eight children she had previously had. to start their relationship.

The victim

It was Anna Longo who accused her husband of the feminicide, speaking with the police who arrived on the spot, before being taken by 118 personnel to the San Marco hospital for the injuries sustained after being run over by the car. She is not considered to be in serious condition. She did not survive the impact instead Cetty de Bormida. She is Anna Longo’s best friend. It was she who had urged her to leave her husband and not to rekindle the relationship. Decision implemented last night and which the man had seemed to accept. This morning a meeting in front of the headquarters of a clinic specializing in psychiatric rehabilitation in the industrial area of ​​Catania.

The motive

She didn’t go back this time: Anna Longo refused to go home and, supported by her friend, went away with her, on foot, side by side. The man got “nervous”, she would later say, and ran over them: injuring the first of hers and killing her second. The first 112 calls arrive which speak of a road accident: two pedestrians run over by a car. The municipal police arrive on site, then the story takes on other contours and the case passes first to the steering wheels and then to the mobile team. On Facebook, a friend of the victim remembers her with pain, also posting a video in which they were together: “I still can’t believe it, Cettina Cetty De Bormida my friend, I can’t believe you’re gone: to do good you put your life back. I love you and will always love you. Fly as high as you can my friend, I’ll miss you.” The president of Differenza Donna, Elisa Ercoli, has launched «once again an appeal to the forces of the Government, the opposition and all civil society for an immediate reaction that will give a change to these continuous feminicides in Italy.

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