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“Salary increase for the general manager of Apss, nurses not even crumbs” – breaking latest news

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TRENTO. Certainly not sent by Cesare Hoffer, Coordinator of Nursing up Trento.

Who accuses the Province and the Trentino health officials of having once again forgotten about the health personnel on the front line for twenty months now.

The cue is Tuesday’s press conference of the Healthcare Company on double accreditation with the Joint Commission and Accreditation Canada.

«Despite the great difficult moment and above all thanks to great work and sacrifice of our nurses and healthcare professionals, who managed to preserve the high quality of services in the healthcare company even during the pandemic, two accreditations were received. For the result achieved, the councilor Segnana spent nice words of thanks in the press ».

But one thing is the words of circumstance, another are the facts. And there are no concrete facts.

“In reality, the only figures who had a forecast of additional economic recognition, in addition to the already overpaid regional councilors, were the director of the health department and the general manager of Apss, who will earn 185 thousand euros a year, with an increase of 20 thousand euros. Furthermore, the forecasts of the budget bill do not include structural funds for the contract renewal of the last three years.

This is yet another and further slap in the face for nurses, health professionals and the Oss of the health and Apsp, who continue to work professionally in a situation of great difficulty and discomfort, with exhausting shifts and displacements from one department to another, without adequate insertion and coaching ».

Hoffer points out that it’s not all about money, but also lets us know that the Val d’Aosta bill for the three-year period 2022/2024 provides for an increase of 800 and 350 euros gross per month in the allowance in favor of doctors and nurses to induce them to remain in service on the regional territory and addressing severe staff shortages.

“It is not just a question of an economic recognition of a contract renewal, which we believe to be a necessary and sacrosanct thing, but it is a much deeper thing, we are denied moral recognition, as if the important health and social function that we are actually carrying out in favor of the citizen were denied. More and more professionals emigrate to more profitable realities, others even leave the profession, moving towards more satisfying jobs that are more compatible with the times of private life.

Where is the political and strategic vision for the future?

In Bolzano these days they are entering into agreements to incentivize nurses and professionals with new allowances, at European level and in South Tyrol our colleagues earn an average of 500 euros more per month and what does the provincial council of Trento do? Doesn’t it renew expired contracts either?

It is unacceptable, it is unfair, our colleagues have always shown that they are there and with courage, as opposed to the current provincial policy, which at the moment is absent in addressing the real problems ».

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