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Salmonella alert, more than 50% of the product sold is contaminated

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Salmonella alert, more than 50% of the product sold is contaminated
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Unfortunately another product has been withdrawn as a precaution from the market due to salmonella alert, let’s see what product it is and what is happening.

Posted on August 14, 2022at 11:00

In this period in Italy there are several news that are worrying the Italians. In particular, we often learn about food products withdrawn as a precaution from the market due to the presence of content harmful to human health. The case of the eggs has recently aroused concern Kinder produced by Ferrero, or the Shoko Bons. For the latter case, the alarm concerned the infection with salmonellaperhaps caused by the chocolate consumed by the little ones.

The Ministry of Health in recent weeks has then proceeded to withdraw from the market also a well-known brand of lasagnè with meat sauce as in some packages it would have been found the presence of small pieces of plastic. The Ministry has issued the notice on its portal dedicated to safety warnings and food product recallsbut in recent days another product has been withdrawn as it was found the risk of contracting salmonella.

Beware of the chicken

According to local and national press reports, some packs of chicken, both cheap and notthey turned out contaminated for 50% of the analyzed product. The alarm was raised by Altroconsumo which warns that on 40 chicken-based products, purchased both in bulk and packaged, laboratory tests have brought to light the contamination from Salmonella infantile or Campylobacter.

These are bacteria that can be very dangerous to human health, causing a number of symptoms that can range from fever to diarrhea. In particular, Salmonella infantis is a pathogen that would even resist antibiotics. We must therefore pay close attention.

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Although the substances in question are present in these products in the limits provided for by the law, Altroconsumo warns that these should not really exist. The investigations were carried out in Milan and Rome and concerned about 40 products: the products in which these bacteria were found are the breasts ofChicken Amadori 10+, the sliced ​​fillet marketed by Lidl and Esselunga Naturama and finally the loose chicken fillet sold at the Il Buongustaio butcher’s shop. In Rome, the contamination by Salmonella infantis instead concerned the Pam sliced ​​chicken, Conad thinly sliced ​​chicken and the sliced ​​chicken breast of Tuodì Market.

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