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Salmonella in chocolate, alarm in the largest factory in the world: production stop

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Salmonella in chocolate, alarm in the largest factory in the world: production stop

Salmonella in the chocolatethe immediate stop to production in what is considered the largest factory in the world, able to sell 2.2 million tons of chocolate in a year: it is the producer of chocolate Belgian-Swiss Barry Callebautwhich employs more than 13,000 people at more than 60 manufacturing sites around the world, to confirm that it has shut down operations at the Wiezein the north of Belgiumafter the discovery of the presence of salmonella bacterium in some of its products.

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Salmonella in children, hundreds of cases across Europe

Salmonella in chocolate: contamination

To cause the contaminationaccording to the information provided by the company, it would have been the LECITHINparticularly present in egg yolks and obtained mainly from soya beansused as an emulsifying, antioxidant, stabilizing and cleaning agent in the food industry.

Production stopped from 25 June

All the chocolate bars produced since June 25th have therefore been blocked and the plants have been temporarily stopped pending investigations.

Most of the discovered contaminated products are still on the company’s website

The Belgian-Swiss chocolate factory Barry Callebaut produces liquid chocolate in bulk batches for 73 customers, such as Hershey, Mondelez, Nestlé and Unilever.

Meanwhile, the company Barry Callebaut, which has most of the contaminated products still for sale on the site, has contacted the shippers asking them not to deliver any products. «All chocolate produced and found to be contaminated after the test was blocked»confirmed the spokesman for the Belgian-Swiss company, Korneel Warlop. «Barry Callebaut is contacting any customers who may have received contaminated products. Chocolate production in Wieze remains suspended until further notice».

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The company says in a statement that it does not sell products directly to consumers.

The Belgian food safety agency was informed of the incident and opened an investigation.

What causes salmonella

At present, no cases of salmonella have been reported among consumers, the disease it causes diarrhea e fever.

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