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Salvini’s “La Bestia” is injured

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About a month has passed since Morisi, key man in the management of Matteo Salvini’s social channels and creator of what is conventionally called “the beast”, announced his resignation.
So we wanted to verify the impact of the abandonment of the man who almost ten years ago had been chosen by Salvini himself to take care of the online communication of the Carroccio.
The performance of the League leader’s Facebook page has been analyzed since 15 August, when the well-known facts of “sex and drugs” that led to Morisi’s resignation, on 15 October, took place, comparing them with the same period last year.

The number of average daily posts has been halved from 18 in 2020 to the current 9. The mix of contents proposed has also been changed. Once the contents proposed by Salvini on his Facebook page are 100, the weight of the photos grows by almost 16 percentage points, reaching over 76% of the total. The posts with links practically disappear and now only weigh 0.04% of the total. Tactical measures aimed at increasing the reach, and therefore the visibility, of the fanpage.

Despite these tactics, and the strong advertising push in Facebook ads, which places it among the top spenders, both the number of interactions and the relative engagement rate drop. Interactions go from about 32.5 million in the period August – October 2020 to the current 7.2 million, equal to an average of almost 117 thousand daily interactions compared to 524 thousand in 2020. Consequently, the engagement rate has more than halved, which falls from 0.73 % to 0.30%.

Going into the analytical detail of the different forms of involvement, a drastic drop in sharing stands out and the scorn reactions with the grinning face almost double. A further clearly negative signal since it is clear that if people share Salvini’s posts less it is because they are likely to share the proposed contents less. Furthermore, the reduction in shares impacts the reach of posts and the page as a whole, reducing their visibility in the Facebook news feed.
In short, even if the rumors say that the system designed and implemented by Morisi is absolutely still active, it seems clear that if “the beast” is not dead it is certainly seriously injured.


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