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[Sample]”MUV-LUV ALTERNATIVE” Is there any light at the end of the cycle of reincarnation? Enter the final trilogy “MUV-LUV ALTERNATIVE THE ANIMATION”

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The “MUV-LUV” series launched by the age company has been the work of GalGame fans for many years. The cruel plot and hard-line technological settings that were influenced by “Star Wars General” not only made this series receive a lot of praise, but also made the call for animation of this game over the years unstoppable.

And after many years of disobedience, although the previous two parts were skipped in one breath, the final chapter of the “MUV-LUV” series “MUV-LUV ALTERNATIVE” was finally officially animated this fall. What kind of performance will we see when this work becomes an animation? Let’s take a look at it together through Baja Animation Madness!

“MUV-LUV ALTERNATIVE” is the final chapter of the story, and there are two chapters EXTRA and UNLIMITED in front. Although if you haven’t played the original game, you won’t be able to understand it at all, but it is strongly recommended that you have at least a basic understanding of the characters in “MUV-LUV” for a better viewing experience.

After experiencing the hellish UNLIMITED story, the protagonist Bai Yinwu returned to October 22, 2001 for some reason. Unable to accept the tragedy once again, Bai Yinwu took the initiative to find the deputy commander of the Yokohama base, Kayuki Yuuho, and as the future man asked her to do her best to complete the “ALTERNATIVE 4” plan that was not completed last time. With Bai Yinwu about BETA and the future memory of human beings, this time he will join the 207 experimental unit again, and with a deeper awareness and belief, he will roar towards the future for mankind.

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  • image

    In the last cycle, ALTERNATIVE4 was too late to complete,
    Mankind lost to BETA and escaped to the universe

  • image

    Although fighting to the end, Bai Yinwu, who still failed, unknowingly, returned to the moment when the story began with his memories.

  • image

    In order not to regret it anymore, he immediately found Xiangyue Xihu who had the right to speak and the ability.
    Count on her to complete the unfinished plan to stop BETA

  • image

    And this work is to describe how Bai Yinwu, with new choices, step by step to change the destiny of mankind’s destruction

The production of “MUV-LUV ALTERNATIVE” was jointly carried out by Graphicica and Yumeta, and the supervision was made by Yukio Nishimoto, who had participated in works such as “Moon Song”. Although the stability and plot acceleration are a bit worrying about the future development, the performance of 3DCG and combat performances is fairly good. Even if some scenes even need to get the still picture translation, maybe it is enough to get the final exciting battle scene.

  • image

    The painting can’t be said to be very stable and the rhythm is also very fast, but not to an unacceptable level

  • image

    The combat performance is quite brilliant, 3DCG must give awards

As for the voice actors, it is a pity that the animated version has changed again, becoming the third version after the original and all-ages version. For example, the protagonist Bai Yinwu was replaced by Kamiki Koichi, and Mingye was replaced by Nabkarin. Others including Ito Mirai, Saiki Iori, Nanki Tou and others will also participate.

But even though the voiceover has been changed, the animated version still seems to refer to a lot of original voice lines, which deserves to be commended. I can feel that the casting has the taste of the original as much as possible, and the BGM and sound effects other than the dubbing are also handled well. If the theme song can invite JAM Project back to sing, it would be perfect…

  • image

    The seiyuu all changed again, but the casting seems to have referenced the original seiyuu

  • image

    The auditory parts other than dubbing are also handled very well, which can be regarded as a humble intention

Due to the hypertrophy of the supplementary setting and the long plot, even though “MUV-LUV” is famous in GalGame, it has always been a member that is quite difficult to animate. In order to attract viewers who have never seen the original work, this animation made a bold bet. In the first episode, the original chapter was created with full firepower. As a result, the advantages and disadvantages were amplified at the same time.

The first story of this time shows the cruel and passionate features of this work. Not only does the machine battle scene perform quite well, the moderately cruel performance and the desperate doomsday background also explain it well, and it also makes people feel good. I began to look forward to the performance of the battle afterwards.

But relatively, the plot tearing caused by the huge amount of information is obviously inevitable, and because of the lack of space for character creation, it is not so friendly to new audiences or audiences who have only seen external transmission paintings. The rhythm part still needs to be strengthened. . Maybe it will become one of the few works in which the painting and rhythm of the battle are better than the daily…

  • image

    The sense of doom and the power of BETA performed well in the first chapter,
    It can also be seen that the humans in the play are quite desperate

  • image

    However, in contrast, the core part of the original story lacks presentation, making it difficult for the audience to have feelings for the character quickly.

  • image

    The foreshadowing of some key messages did not work well in the animated version,
    If you don’t know the original work, it’s hard to notice

  • image

    Please watch it together, how will the animated version interpret this classic masterpiece?

But no matter what, “MUV-LUV ALTERNATIVE” finally can surpass all difficulties and animation is still a thing to celebrate. This work has a trustworthy original plot blessing, a good combat performance, and a good auditory performance. However, it may be necessary to work harder in terms of rhythm and performance, otherwise it may be a little difficult to make new audiences want to fill up the original work. It is recommended to viewers who love SF or Doomsday works and are quite resistant to cruel performances.


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