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Samsung Air Purifier Cube. If you want to know what the air is like at home

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It takes five minutes with the windows open and inside the house the concentration of fine dust, 10 pm and 2.5 pm, is lowered. But many harmful gases also drop in level until they disappear. In short, the app certifies the obvious: opening the windows from time to time helps improve air quality. If it is impossible to do this, if the external air is not great or if you want the internal one to be constantly clean, the latest generation of purifiers has arrived on the market, such as the Samsung Air Purifier Cube, suitable for rooms up to 47 square meters. A bit bulky, 36 by 43 by 38 centimeters, it is however quite silent, and can be managed via smartphone through the bluetooth connection. Within a few minutes it brings the parameters back to normal. The app is very sparse. It does not offer statistics that give an idea of ​​the average level of air quality over time and the only advanced options are to set the ventilation mode and to schedule switching on and off. All for around 530 euros.

In this period similar devices are experiencing a small boom with sales increased by 20 percent, especially in Northern Italy. Thanks to the health emergency, ridden with a certain unscrupulousness by certain brands, as if purifying the air of fine dust was enough to beat Covid. In any case, if you need to know exactly when it’s time to open the window, the Norwegian Airthings will soon launch its View Plus, already now available for pre-order at 299 euros. In addition to fine dust, it also monitors humidity, CO2, pressure and temperature, but also the presence of radon gas, and connects to wifi, so it can be controlled remotely. It does not purify, but it tells you everything you need to know.

On the Friday of 30 April 2021


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