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Samsung The Freestyle the portable projector

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Samsung The Freestyle the portable projector

It is called “The Freestyle” and the name, allegro is ‘libertarian’, indicates the spirit with which Samsung has created its new portable projector and also the way, in ‘free style’, in which it can be used. Yes, because the Freestyle is really not a projector like all the others, starting from the design, a white cylinder of compact dimensions, about 25 cm high, with a depth and a width of about 14 cm., With a low weight, less of a kilo, 800 grams to be precise. Which means it’s really a portable projector, even if it doesn’t have an internal battery. Portable can therefore mean that the Freestyle can be moved very easily from one room to another, always connecting it to an electrical outlet, but also, if you connect a power bank that supports 50W (there is a USB-C PD port ), can be used outside the home. It is obvious that with the battery the brightness suffers slightly compared to the constant connection to a socket, but the convenience of the projector’s mobility is really high. The second, fundamental, feature is that the projector has a base with two pins that allow it to rotate 180 degrees, which means that there is no need to have the Freestyle pointed straight at a wall in front, but that in addition to being able to carry his image even on the ceiling, he can exploit different angles, because the projector automatically adjusts the image so that it always appears ‘straight’. Correction system that also controls the white balance and allows you to use colored walls as a projection surface. Our test, on a yellow wall, gave excellent results, offsetting the color of the wall and offering a more than balanced image.

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On the central body of the machine there are the connectors, a micro-Hdmi port coupled to the aforementioned USB-C PD. There is of course fifth generation Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Which means that many image sources can be connected to the Freestyle, be it a smartphone, with excellent results, or a hard drive, or even a game console.

On the front, above the lens, we find the power button, the volume keys and the one for pairing with the smartphone, while on one side we have the Usb-C connector for power supply, a micro Hdmi connector and one switch used to deactivate the microphones. The Freestyle is in fact compatible with both Bixby and Alexa to be able to comfortably use voice commands. To use the projector, in addition to voice commands, there is a very handy remote control or launch the Samsung SmartThings app and drive the projector using your smartphone. The app is very convenient and allows you to calibrate the device even with considerable ‘fine tuning’. And anyway, there are a number of other app-accessible features that make the projector very versatile. You can mirror your smartphone with just one tap of your phone on the projector, and connecting with a Samsung TV to replicate the image in a second room is super easy.

The projector uses a Led light source that emits a 1080p signal at 60 Hz and reaches a brightness of about 250 Ansi lumens, uses Crystal Led image processing technology and the interface is the natural daughter of the most recent Smart TVs produced by Samsung. There is a Lidar scanner for autofocus and image correction. All this projects a ‘screen’ ranging from 30 to 100 inches, which makes viewing over very large spaces very spectacular, even if, obviously, the larger the image, the lower the resolution, which is 1920 x 1080 Full. HD. But, it must be said this is very good within 70 inches and absolutely acceptable in the wider dimensions. Audio is one of the strengths of the projector, 5w at 360 degrees, loud and clear even when used outdoors, while if you are at home you can connect speakers via Bluetooth. Which means that the projector can also be used independently of the images as a real speaker, complete with Dolby Digital Plus. The Freestyle tends to heat up a little, not too much to be honest, because the fan works it makes a noise. acceptable even at low volume.

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Freestyle’s operating system is based on Tizen, there are tons of apps, like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, RaiPlay, Discovery, Now. And there is Samsung Tv Plus with many other free TV networks. If you connect a console there is a game mode which reduces the delay and makes the gameplay more than satisfactory. And then there is the fun ‘ambient’ mode to project photos, writings, a window, paintings, images of nature, as a piece of furniture.

Having said all this, The Freestyle is a magnificent projector, small size, attractive look, light weight, and with excellent resolution, great ease of use, automatic corrections that allow it to be used in many different conditions, of space, position, roughness of the wall. In short, to be clear, The Freestyle has a higher cost than that of an excellent quality TV, around a thousand euros, but it is definitely very versatile, it is an excellent replacement for the TV for those who do not have space at home for the large object. , it’s fun and compatible with different needs. Passed with full marks.

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