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San Marcos Admission Exam for Human Medicine: High Stakes and High Security

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San Marcos Admission Exam for Human Medicine: High Stakes and High Security

This December 10, the San Marcos admission exam for Human Medicine will be held. Only a few hours separate the Human Medicine applicants from the fourth and last date of the 2024-I admission exam, of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM), which will be held this Sunday, December 10 from 8:00 a.m.: 30 am For this year, a total of 5,383 applicants have registered.

The surprising thing about this situation is that the Dean of America has enabled only 55 vacancies in total; Therefore, students will have to go all out to obtain admission to this prestigious house of study. It is worth mentioning that the Human Medicine career is the most in demand at UNMSM.

As detailed by the Central Admission Office (OCA), tomorrow will be a critical and high alert day for the long-awaited admission process, which is why the university required a greater police presence and prosecutors specialized in computer crimes; because the mafias are usually behind the Human Medicine exams, as they are highly coveted and quoted nationally.

“Cybernetics are going to be looking for where to enter and violate the San Marcos exam. Let’s remember that they are mafias at the national level. We want the mercantilists to understand that they are not going to play with the efforts of those who do make an effort to study, of those who wake up studying and sacrifice to get a vacancy,” said Ramón Ruffner, rector of San Marcos.

Likewise, the representative of the UNMSM recalled that, if the authorities become aware of any strange situation, where students possess illegal devices camouflaged among their clothes when taking their exams, the San Marcos University will report the fact to all public universities in the region. country, about the names of those who committed this crime.

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“Imagine if you are a student who tries to deceive and who applies to Health Sciences when it comes to high-risk careers, careers that work with people’s lives. If they are caught, they are banned and will not be able to apply to San Marcos,” she emphasized.

On the other hand, the rector called on the parents of the applicants to remain calm to transmit comfort to their children and reminded them that “San Marcos is not going to disappoint them, it is going to do everything humanly possible to take care of the safety of their children and that their grades are not violated.”

This Saturday, December 9, the third date of the UNMSM 2024-I admission exam was held, corresponding to the Health Sciences careers; The same one that was carried out under strict security measures and in which a total of 4,995 applicants from all over the country participated.

All of this large number of students registered to obtain one of the vacancies enabled for Health Sciences careers, with the exception of Human Medicine. Among those that stood out: Psychology with 1,690 applicants; Veterinary Medicine with 642; Nursing with 548; to Dentistry with 458; Medical technology with 453; and Obstetrics with 414 registered.

According to information from the UNMSM Central Admission Office (OCA), Rector Ramón Ruffner closely inspected the organization of the 2024-1 admission process, in which a total of 28,862 students were registered.

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