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Sanitas Launches ‘Steps’ Campaign to Showcase Digital Healthcare Advancements

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Sanitas Launches ‘Steps’ Campaign to Showcase Digital Healthcare Advancements

Sanitas Launches New Campaign “Steps” to Showcase Digital Medicine Journey

Sanitas, a leading health insurance company, has recently launched a new advertising campaign called “Steps” to highlight its commitment to digital medicine and the advancements it has made in providing exceptional medical care to its clients. The campaign, developed in collaboration with creative brand consultancy Darwin & Verne, aims to showcase the important steps that Sanitas has taken over the years to become one of the most advanced digital health ecosystems in health prevention and treatment.

The multimedia campaign will be featured on television, print media, outdoor billboards, and digital platforms, with the slogan “Take the step.” The campaign emphasizes the various milestones that both individuals and Sanitas have encountered in their lives, paralleling the advancements in digital medicine that Sanitas offers through its #BluaU add-on.

Since its introduction in 2016, the #BluaU add-on has paved the way for Sanitas to provide video consultations and ensure that its clients receive the best service and support regardless of their location. Over time, Sanitas has continued to incorporate new services, such as video consultations in all medical specialties, digital health programs, monitoring of vital signs, and mental health care. The latest addition to their service offerings is the introduction of “digital physio,” which enables clients to have face-to-face consultations with professionals while also having access to digital monitoring and AI technology to support their rehabilitation process and prevent potential injuries.

The “Steps” campaign intends to convey the message that every step Sanitas takes is aimed at providing its clients with the best in-person and digital medical care. Through this campaign, Sanitas aims to showcase its dedication to constant innovation and improvement in the healthcare field.

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The technical sheet for the campaign, titled “Steps of Health,” includes the following details: the agency behind the campaign is Darwin & Verne, the advertiser is Sanitas, the product being promoted is health insurance, and the creative team involved in the campaign includes individuals from both agencies. The campaign consists of television spots, online videos, radio advertisements, graphics, outdoor billboards, and a digital campaign ready for publication.

Sanitas’ “Steps” campaign serves as a testament to the company’s ongoing commitment to providing exceptional and advanced healthcare services to its clients, both in-person and digitally.

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