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Sardinia yellow zone? Data on intensive care: what risks

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Yellow zone risk for Sardinia? According to the new parameters for the color change of the Regions of the latest Covid decree, the island could in fact see a tightening of rules and measures due to the occupancy rate of beds in intensive care. To deny the possibility, however, are the councilors of Tourism and Health of the region, who ensure that the island is “far from the change of color”.

But what are the data? According to the latest findings from the Agency for Health Services (Agenas), the island has reached the critical threshold of 10% (it was 1% in mid-July) of the intensive care occupancy rate. With the new parameters in effect from 6 August, it would be enough to exceed this percentage to go from the white area to the yellow area. In fact, the saturation of the wards does not depend only on the absolute number of hospitalized, but also on the reception capacity, and Sardinia has 196 intensive places of which 19 were still occupied yesterday. To avoid the immediate transition, however, is the rate of admissions in non-critical areas, currently at 5% of occupancy and far from the 15% set as the maximum threshold.

Not only Sardinia is under observation, there are four regions where ICU employment is currently highest: 6% of Liguria, 5% of Lazio and Sicily and 4% of Tuscany. All the others are equal to or below the national average of 3%.

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